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It's not one episode, actuallyy, it's three. Episodes 122-124, to be specific. I hope this helps (if it doesn't, try actually reading this entry)

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Q: In what episode or movie does ichigo learn to control his inner hollow?
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Does toshiro have a hollow?

An inner hollow? Probably not. He wasn't one of Aizen's experiments, and he became a Shinigami normally, unlike Ichigo. So I seriously doubt it.

Who is stronger naruto or ichigo?

Ichigo has the hollow, but Naruto has the nine tailed fox. If it came to who was stronger it would be Ichigo because he has Zangetsu and his inner hollow ( Hollow Ichigo ). ///(Actually Naruto is stronger then Ichigo because Ichigo in his bankai is stronger then Naruto and would probably force Naruto to activate his 2 tail while Ichigo might fight him with his Hallow mask but it would not be enough because some time he get exhausted and the nine-tail Naruto would continue insulting him. But Ichigo will transform into his true hollow when he down continuing to fight and they be equal but Ichigo would be winning just a little. Naruto would go 4-tails and ended full Hollow Ichigo. The point is Naruto have more advantage because Naruto has more transformation then Ichigo making Naruto gaining more power each time Ichigo get stronger until he cant go no more so this fight would be base of power, and trans. Ichigo have limit and he still human and the nine tail really dont have a limit. Ichigo is strong but Naruto take over with more transformation. That why Naruto is stronger then Ichigo. sorry Ichigo)

Where does len hamilton bjj coach?

In the Inner Circle BJJ.

What does Inner Sakura's forehead say?

it says inner sakura

What is the name of Ichigo's Zanpakuto?

shikai - zangetsu : really big zanpakuto but not so strong (made by refined steel) bankai - tensa zangetsu : really tiny but can cut trough steel and titanium (made by black diamond) 3rd release - juha getsu : double wielding zanpakuto and stronger than before (made by unknow because it's really new and have seen in latest manga)

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In what episode of bleach does ichigo's inner hollow fight muramasa in ichigo's inner world?

235 I believe

Does ichigo defeat aizen?

yes, only if ichigo's inner hollw takes control and turns into his full hollow form like when he fought Ulquiorra

In bleach when does ichigo train with the vizards?

the episode is 110 when Ichigo encounters Shinji Hirako who tells Ichigo that he knows of Ichigo's problems and continues on to tell him that the hollow with in will take hold of his body until he is nothing more than a lowly hollow and sooner or later Ichigo realizes its true and joins the Vizards (its actually Visords) for training i recommend you start at episode 110. but if you just want to cut to the chase he joins up for training on episode 122 and starts to fight with his inner hollow on episode 123

Does ichigo loose his ability to use the hollow mask against yammy?

no, he was just too tired or his inner hollow was winning over ichigo

Why does Ichigo's eyes go yellow when he is in his Hollow form?

It's the color of his inner hollow's eyes.

Does toshiro have a hollow?

An inner hollow? Probably not. He wasn't one of Aizen's experiments, and he became a Shinigami normally, unlike Ichigo. So I seriously doubt it.

What episodes does Ichigo turn into a hollow?

He partially becomes a hollow in episode 19, but actually is first taken over by it in episode 59.

How long does ichigo take to defeat his inner hollow?

probably about 3 episodes..or more...okay maybe 4 tops..

Do you think there Is there a level beyond bankai in bleach?

yes ichigo is also a vizard, a vizard is a soal reaper who has acquired the powers of a hollow. witch when they tame their inner hollow it gives them immense strength and power.

Is ichigo cool?

are u kidding ichigo is like the main character and well the stongest actually.. he's like the best and his powers are amazing. like when he uses his hollow mask. hes the best character ......and well uryu is a close 2nd :) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! TOSHIRO WOULD KILL ICJIGO IN AN INSTANT WITH HYOURINMARU. WELL..... I GUESS THIS PERSON HASNT SEEN MANY EPISODES....... Come on, i know ichigo and toshiro is the cool and all, but ulquiorra is the best out of them all! i mean he did kill ichigo and the only reason ichigo beat him was because of he's inner hollow, if he didnt have the hollow form everything would have ended...

How old was ichigo when his mom died?

Since Ichigo has an inner hollow that basically prevents him from dying with enough motivation, he becomes stronger and stronger every time he "dies". This was proven the second time he fought Ulquiorra. When Ulquiorra Ceroed him right in the chest and left a huge gaping hole, he should've died. But as he and his hollow were motivated to save Orihime, he came back to life as a highly powerful Arrancar/Shinigami and killed Ulquiorra. In other words, as long as Orihime is alive and as long as Ichigo has motivation to do something, he can't die. You can blame Tai Kubo for this, it's not my fault. (Note: this is not in the anime, it is only in the manga so far. Do not mistake this for episode 160)

Why did ichigo turn into a vasto lorde hollow the one when he was fighting with ulquiorra instead of a full hollow the one when he was fighting with zangetsu or the vizard training?

At the Vizard training he was at Adjuchas level. After the training he went on to fight Grimmjow and other people I believe During these fights he used his hollow mask so he got in more practice and then he reached Vasto Lorde level, as we saw when he was fighting Ulqiorra (Final battle). So to answer your question, Ichigo did go Full Hollow in the Vizard training because he was fighting his inner hollow, but he was NOT at Vasto Lorde level at the time.