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I think it's "Brian in Love" but I'm not positive.

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Q: In what episode does Brian yells at a baby?
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What was Brian's radio show on Family Guy?

The one he did alone was The Lunch HourThe one he did with Stewie was Dingo & the Baby

What is the Family Guy episode when Brian meets the bachelorette?

The episode is titled "Brian the Bachelor" and appears in season 4 (episode 7).

What episode in dragon ball that vegeta yells at goku for offering bulma to some old guy?

Dragon Ball Z episode 263

In what episode do Naruto and Sakura fight?

Sakura yells at Naruto from time to time but there is no real fighting.

What episode does peter griffin say the alphabet in less than as second and yells ahhh?

In 'Mr. Griffin goes to washington' (Season 3, episode 3.) Peter says all 50 states in less than a second and just yells aaahhh.

What does hey baby mean when a guy yells out the car to a girl?

He wants your attention

What is the episode of family guy when Brian writes a best-seller?

Brian Writes A Bestseller Series 9 - Episode 6

In which Family Guy episode does Brian run away?

Such an episode does not exist since Brian does not run away in any episode but you may be referring to the time he leaves for California at the end of The Thin White Line and in the next episode Brian Does Hollywood from Season Three.

In which Family Guy episode does Brian compete on The Bachelor?

Brian the Bachelor

What episode of Family Guy is it were they replace Brian with a cat?

Brian Does Hollywood

What was brian's reward in the family guy episode Brian does Hollywood?

A Woody

What is that one episode were stewie tells brian to rub his tail?

It's called 'Quagmire's Baby' (US season 8/UK season 9)