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Naruto episode 216

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Episode 216

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Q: In what Naruto episode does Gaara meet Matsuri?
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In what Naruto episode does Sasuke meet Gaara?

He is first seen in chapter 35/episode 20.

What episode does Naruto meet Sai?

Naruto meets Sai right after returning from his mission to save Gaara. In the manga that would be book 32.

When did Naruto first meet Gaara?

When the sand sibling including Gaara came to Hidden Leaf Village for Chunnin exams which would be episode 21 and volume 5

What episode in the Naruto sereis did diedara and sasori meet?

Deidara and Sasori first meet in Episode 2 of Naruto Shippuden, titled "The Akatsuki Makes Its Move". In this episode, Deidara is sent by the Akatsuki to capture Gaara, while Sasori observes from the shadows.

What episode does naruto meet his mom in naruto?

Naruto Shippuden episode 246, The Orange Spark.

Which episode Naruto and pain will meet?

They meet in episode 163. The episode is released now.

What episode did haku meet naruto as a girl?

Actually, he does meet naruto in episode 12 and they battled in episode 14-15 or somewhere near that.

What episode does naruto meet his father?

it is episode 168 :)

What episode in Naruto do they meet Sora?

episode 58 its really naruto shippuuden episode 58!

When does Gaara return to the original series of Naruto?

Shippuden 31 or 32. ^^

What Naruto episode does Naruto meet gamabunta?

Naruto summons Gamabunta at the very end of Naruto episode 56, but they introduce themselves to each other in episode 57

In what episode does Naruto meet jiraya?

In Naruto Episode 52: Ebisu Returns: Naruto's Toughest Training Yet!