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Jane has the ability to inflict a mental illusion of burning pain.

It physically does nothing to them, as it is an ability to trick the mind into thinking there is pain. Jane can control how much pain she inflicts on her victim. The pain that Jane inflicts is described as being like "burning" inside of the victim.

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Q: In twilight how does Jane cause an illusion of pain?
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What is Jane's talent in Twilight?

Jane has the ability to give an 'illusion' of pain. and she has a twin brother named Alec, his power is the opposite of Jane's. If Jane give pain, Alec gives an 'illusion' of nothingness[or numbness]. If strucked by Alec's power, a person will not feel anything. He won't know if he will die or not.

Who the girl has the best power in twilight?

I would say Jane she has the power to give pain but its an illusion (Bella's amun to it).

What is no pain no Jane a reference to?

That phrase is most likely referring to Jane's power to cause extreme pain. Jane is a vampire in the Volturi coven in the Twilight Saga.

Who does Dakota Fanning play in twilight?

Dakota Fanning plays Young Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies.

Who will Dakota Fanning play in New Moon?

Jane volturi. a young teen vampire who has the ability to cause the illusion of pain. She is a member of the Volturi clan who are the basic government for vampires.

What is the Name of Jane's twin brother in Twilight saga?

Jane's twin brother in the Twilight saga is Alec. He is a member of the Volturi coven and possesses the ability to cut off senses such as pain.

In new moon what is Jane's talent?

she has the ability to cause pain

What is the name of the girl that's a vampire in rome?

Rome or Italy (the volturi coven) i cant answer your question if i dont know. If its in the twilight saga you might be talking about Jane from the Volturi coven who is a part of the guards. He specialized power is to create an illusion of pain just with her mind. Awesome hey?

Who of these is NOT an elder of the Volturi Jane Aro Caius Marcus?

Jane does not belong to the Three elder (ancient) vampire.she's the vampire that's always in Aro's side because of her talent to create an illusion of pain .

Who is Jane in twilight?

Jane is a vampire from the Volturi coven in the Twilight series. She possesses the ability to create a sense of burning pain in others with just a look or a thought. Jane is one of the Volturi's highest-ranking guards.

Why does everyone listen to Jane in new moon?

Because she can cause pain

What is Jane's power in New Moon?

In new moon in the twilight saga Jane's power is the illusion of pain. She can make you think you are feeling pain somewhere in your body when she smiles but it effects your body in no way. Bella has a mental shield against vampire powers so this effects her in no way *WRONG! Bella has a shield against SOME vampire powers, jasper can control her emotions and Alice can see her future etc.