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Bella's parents did get a divorce it tells us in the first book and the book also tells us how she left! Open your eyes and read please!

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Q: In twilight did Bella parents get a divorce?
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In Twilight what year did Bella parents get divorced?

In "Twilight," Bella's parents, Charlie and Renée, got divorced when Bella was a young child. The exact year is not specified in the series.

What is Bella's parents name in the book twilight?

Charlie and Renee

When did Bella's parents divorce in the movie or book?

There divorced in the book and the movie.

In Twilight what stones were on Bella's hair comb that were given by her parents?


What are the names of Bella's parents in Twilight?

Bella's parents in Twilight are Charlie Swan and Renée Dwyer. Charlie is the police chief of Forks, while Renée lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Where is the fireplace in Charlie's house in 'Twilight'?

The family room is the location of the fireplace in Charlie Swan's house in "Twilight."Pictures are placed above the fireplace. The pictures include Bella's parents' wedding photo, the hospital photo of newly born Bella with proud parents, and all of Bella's school pictures.

Who owns the sporting goods store in twilight where Bella gets a job?

The sporting goods store in Twilight where Bella gets a job is owned by Mike Newton's parents. Bella initially applies for a job at Newton's Olympic Outfitters before Edward intervenes to get her a job at a bookstore.

Did Bella work in the Twilight series?

Yes, she was working in the sports-shop of Mike Newton's parents.

How old are Bella's parents in the twilight novel by Stephenie Meyer?

In their late thirties, early forties.

How old is Bella Swan out of twilight?

Bella is 17 In Twilight (:

Does Bella's parents find out Edward is a vampire?

Yes, Bella's parents find out that Edward is a vampire in the Twilight series. Bella reveals the truth to her parents in the second book, New Moon, after Edward leaves her.

Is Bella a senior in the first twilight book?

No, Bella is a junior in high school in the first Twilight book.