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Elya Yelnats (Stanley's great-great-grandfather)

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Q: In the movie Holes who was the man who visited Madame Zeroni?
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Was nyjah huston in the movie holes?

Hector Zeroni played zero in holes, nyjah was not in it.

Who plays the character of hector zeroni in the movie holes?

khleo thomas

In the movie Holes what is Zero's real life name?

Hector Zeroni.

In the movie HOLES what was the yelnats curse?

it was Madam Zeroni because Elya didn't carry Madam Zeroni up the mountain as he promised.

What is zero the rapper's real name?

zeros full name in the movie holes is Hector Zeroni

What is hector zeroni's real name?

It's hard to understand what you're asking. In the novel, "Holes," Hector Zeroni is the name of Stanley's best friend and only ally at Camp Green Lake. Like the other boys, Hector is given a nickname. He's annointed with 'Zero,' because he rarely speaks to anyone except for Stanley and so the other boys and counselors assume that he is stupid. In the movie, Hector Zeroni is played by Khleo Thomas.

Why do the people call zero zero in the movie holes?

Because he doesnt speak so everyone thinks he has nothing (zero) in his brain. and also his name is something zeroni.

Is teddy from full house Hector zeroni in holes?

No. Teddy from Full House is played by Tahj Mowry. He was the lead character in the comedy "Smart Guy" and is also the younger brother of Tia and Tamera Mowry, best known as the lead actresses from "Sister, Sister." Hector Zeroni in the movie "Holes," however, is played by Khleo Thomas. Thomas has also appeared in episodes of "House" and "CSI" as well as appeared on stage performing with the rapper, Bow Wow.

How is Stanley great -great grandfather described?

I think you must be referring to the 2003 movie "Holes" in which Stanley Yelnats finds redemption for his family after the wrong-doing of his great-great-grandfather Elya Yelnats. Over a 110 years ago, a curse of bad luck was put on the Yelnats family by Madame Zeroni when Elya broke a promise with her. I guess you would describe his great-great-grandfather as untrustworthy, dishonest, and a bit of a scoundrel.

Who is the movie director of holes?

Andrew Davis directed the movie "Holes" (2003).

What the heck is holes is not a real movie?

Holes is a fake movie. Its based on a book :P

Was Nick Jonas Zero from the movie Holes?

no he wasnt Zero was played by someother guy in the movie Holes