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Because Igniel, Natsu's foster father give the scarf to him so it's very precious to him.

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Q: In the manga series Fairytail why does Natsu always wear a scarf?
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How old is Gildartz in the manga series 'Fairytail'?

45 years old, when his face was first shown.

Is fairytail a book?

There is indeed a manga(a japanese comic) called Fairytail.

Did erza scarlet die in the manga of fairytail?

As of the current manga chapter, no Erza is not dead.

Who is natsu dragneel?

Natsu Dragneel is the male protagonist of the Fairy Tail manga/anime

What is fairytail?

fairytail is basically a japanese my opinon its the best manga that i have read..then comes bleach..try reading it in mangafox!!!..i bet u'll like it..even though its long ..hope u cope up!!

Does natsu have a house?

yes he does, chapter 202 in the manga

What manga has a boy with pink hair?

guess it "Fairy Tail". Natsu has pink hair.

Who does Natsu love in Fairy Tail?

That is currently uncertain. The manga needs to continue before this can be answered.

What is the name of the second Vampire Knight manga series?

There is no second manga series.

So in all the episodes of fairy tail erza has not thought of natsu more then friends?

Yes. So far both in the manga and in the anime, Erza has never thought of Natsu as more than a friend.

Who made bleach the manga series?

Tite Kubo made the bleach manga series

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