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He says to do it again because he was amazed and liked finally getting inside her head. In Midnight Sun, he completely obsesses over the fact that he couldn't get into her mind. So, it was shocking and completely unexpected :) Twilight.

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Q: In the last book when Bella shows Edward her thoughts why does he ask her to do it it bc he is trying to see something specific or show her something?
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Did Bella had second toughts abouut marrying Edward?

Once Bella gave in and decided to marry Edward, she never had second thoughts of regretted doing something as wonderful as marrying him.

What were Edward's first thoughts when Bella enters the Biology class?

Probably something in the lines of "OMG, she smells so good. BLOOD."

What does Jane do to Edward?

It is unclear what specific action Jane takes towards Edward, as "doing" can refer to a variety of actions. Without more context, it is difficult to provide a specific answer.

In Midnight Sun who's thoughts does Edward hear first?

he first hears the thoughts of carlisle after he was changed.

What were thoughts of Edward palmer about confedration?

He did what ever the heck he pleased to do!!!!

What is Edward Cullens power in twilight?

hearing people's thoughts.

Edward and Bella have a kid what is her power?

Renesmee can project thoughts into you mind through touch. Kind of the opposite of what Edward can do.

Can edward her alice's thoughts during the fight against the newborns?


Did edward know Bella was pregnant berfore she did?

no he didnt because he cant read her thoughts

Who was Saint Edward?

There are a number of saints named Edward so you will need to be more specific.

Who in the new moon movie has a similar gift like Edward Cullen?

Aro, he can read every thought you have ever had by touching you. Edward can read only the thoughts you think ,but Edward doesn't have to be touching you.

Does Bella have a gift like edward?

yes, she can block her thoughts and mind from everyone and when she turns she can make it where she can keep other people's thoughts and minds 'closed' she can also make it where edward can read her mind. It's explained a lot clearer in the book Breaking Dawn