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Slide diagonally.

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Q: In the hoedown throwdown what does shuffle in diagonal mean?
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What does the word scuffing mean?

to shuffle

What does the word diagonal mean?

Diagonal means across at an angle, not horizontal or vertical.

What does diag mean?

means diagonal!

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double shuffle is a term applied to a famous incident of Canadian Political History in 1858.

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Diagonal means a line that is not vertical or horizontal, but in between. i.e. / or \

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If you mean a zero with a diagonal line through it, it is the symbol for the empty set which is the set that contains nothing.

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Diagonal Serrated Band

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You didn't say which meaning of the word you wanted. To shuffle can mean to randomly arrange a series of items (like a deck of cards or a series of songs). An example of this would be "I put my iPod on shuffle," or "Would you shuffle the cards before we play poker?" Another meaning of shuffle is to drag your feet and walk very slowly. An example of this would be "Don't shuffle when you walk!" or "He is so old he can only shuffle across the floor."

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