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there is Steve stifler the first stifler in the first 3 movies,theres Matt stifler which is in band camp,theres Steve and matts cousin Erik and Dwight,and steves other cousin Scott stifler.

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Q: In the Americam Pie Films how are all the Stiflers related?
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There are seven American Pie films. The films: American Pie (1999) American Pie 2 (2001) American Pie - The Wedding (2003) American Pie - Band Camp (2005) American Pie - Naked Mile (2006) American Pie - Beta House (2007) American Pie - Book of Love (2009) And there will also be a 8th film in April 2012. "American Pie - Reunion". The first three movies are actually the real American Pie. After these it handle about Steve Stiflers brothers and cousins in the other four movies: Matt Stifler (Steve's younger brother), Eric Stifler (Steve and Matt's cousin). Dwight Stifler (cousin to the others) and Scott Stifler (also cousin to Steve and Matt).

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