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American Pie and Pie

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Q: Titles for 2 songs that include the word pie?
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Where can one go to find American Pie songs?

American Pie songs can be found online from many different websites that have music databases one can look through. Some examples of these websites include All Music and IMDB.

Song titles that start with pie?

Piece of Me by Britney Spears

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What kind of pie do most people eat on Christmas?

Pumpkin Pie often mispronouced ( Puncan) is a popular Yuletide- also Thanksgiving dish in at least three Christmas songs. The songs include Rocking around the Christmas tree, Sleigh Ride, and Home for the Holidays. Ther may be others. Harps also figure in Christmas songs as do Bells, trees, etc.

What songs have storys to them?

There are a large variety of story songs, coming from many different musical genres. Some classic examples include "Harper Valley PTA" by Jeannie C. Riley, and "American Pie" by Don McLean.

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What are the song titles with the word 'America'?

* American Woman * Coming to America * America the Beautiful * American Pie * American Werewolf in London * The Miss America Pagent Theme Song

How do you spell pie in spanish?

Pie, the dessert, is tarta in Spanish.The Spanish word pie is the English word "foot."

Where did the term you like pie come from?

it came from English you is a word,like is a word, & pie is a word. get it?

What is the neuter noun of the word pie?

The word pie is a neuter noun, a word for a thing that has no gender.poo

Does Pumpkin pie include in Thanksgiving table?

Yes, you have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

Is pie a kind of coconut?

No, that is not the definition of the word, "pie". However, there is a kind of pie called "coconut pie".