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Kazuma likes Ayano and Ayano also likes Kazuma you can see their affection throughout the whole episode...


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Q: In stigma of the wind does kazuma like ayano or does ayono like kazuma?
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Does kazuma kiss ayano?

they dont actually kiss but in episode 4 its like a kiss he has to kiss her to get medicine in her mouth and in episode 8 he kisses her on the nose and episode 24 he kisses her on the neck

What is a anime like Tokyo Underground?

Kaze No Stigma and Elemental Gelade. Both animes have Elemental powers just like Tokyo Underground.

If you like kaze no stigma what other anime will you like?

Shakugan No Shana, Full Metal Panic[sort of], Elemental Gelade, Fate/Stay Night... that's all i could think of right now. But I'm also looking for other animes lol. i just finished watching Kaze No Stigma today. :) EDIT: Hmm, if you liked Kaze No Stigma, you might like: Zero No Tsukaima Shakugan No Shana-Ria likes this Buso Renkin Sugar Sugar Rune Kampfer Romeo x Juliet-Ria likes this Ayashi No Ceres DN Angel Kyoshiro To Towa Na Sora Rosario + Vampire I can guarantee you that much :) Zero no Tsukaima and Shakugan no Shana are practically the same though...

In Nauto Shippuden what type Bijuu does Sora have?

Sora is a pseudo jinchuuriki. After Kyuubi's attack on Konoha (Madara forced him to using his Mangekyou Sharingan) Kazuma (Sora's dad, one of the 12 Guardian Shinobi who went rouge) sealed the remnants of Kyuubi's chakra into his own son. At first Sora couldn't handle the power and went insane. After that everyone at the Fire Temple treated him with contempt, like how Naruto was treated.

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Does Catherine Mcdonald like Kazuma Yagami?

Yes, she's liked him since he started coaching her to beat Ayano. They won't ever become a couple though hence that the author died and that Kazuma really loves Ayano.

Does kazuma kiss ayano?

they dont actually kiss but in episode 4 its like a kiss he has to kiss her to get medicine in her mouth and in episode 8 he kisses her on the nose and episode 24 he kisses her on the neck

What does Kazuma manufacturer?

Kazuma is a company that manufactures vehicles like quads or some parts of them. Someone can purchase vehicle parts online to repair the Kazuma quads.

What is the job of a stigma?

In music, Stigma is Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front solo band. In psychology, stigma is negative attitudes attached to a mental disorder.

What holds up the stigma?

The stigma is the sticky surface at the top of the pistil; it traps and holds the pollen. The style is the tube-like structure that holds up the stigma. Stigma- the female part of the plant where the pollen grains land and germinate

Can you describe Kazuma Yagami's personality from kaze no stigma?

Some people describe him as arrogant or cocky (which he is I suppose) but underneath he's actually really caring. He's pretty funny sometimes too (often times finding things out, but keeping the information hidden until he can use it to humiliate someone for instance). He has intense feelings for Ayano Kannagi (his second cousin) and treats her to special dinners which he pays for himself. He also loves his little brother Ren, but in a different way. Shunned as a child because he couldn't wield fire magic like generations of his family before him, Kazuma also has an impressive temper that lashes out at random times. After being disowned by his father, he left the family, and traveled out into the world. Upon his return, he ended up in a confrontation with his father, of whom he bested with the power of wind magic. You later learn that he made a contract with the god of the wind (or something along those lines) and was entrusted with the powers of his domain.

How does the pollen reach the stigma?

some pollen grains reach to stigma by wind and some are carried by animals like rabbits and insects like butterfly, bee etc.

What does stigma look like?

The style is held up by the style

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The first Baker is Asuma Kazuma he lives in Japan The taste of his bread is like you are in heaven By: X_FiRsT_BlOoD_X

Will there be more episodes to Kaze No Stigma?

yes i heard that the only reason there hasent been a season 2 to any anime like fruits basket kaze no stigma and soul eater is because japan is in an economic crisis so sorry to say i dont know when there will be more i realy love thoses shows and one i forgot was popoton well good luck on finding them i cant wait to see if ayano and kaxuma get u know married or maka and soul but i know kyo and tohru dohave a nice day

What is the stalk like extension of the of a flower's carpel that supports the stigma?


How do you get stigma shards in aion?

Stigma shards are dropped off every NPC in the abyss with a high drop rate. You can also buy them on the broker if you don't feel like farming your own.