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yes you can self target by hitting the F1 key. and for some fun information visit

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Q: In shaiya can you self-target yourself?
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How do you enter a cheat code for Shaiya US online?

Sorry But there is no cheats fro Shaiya

How many levels is there on shaiya?


Where is shaiya's notice board?

u find it on (google shaiya message board then click on first option then there will b a link in the page

Is shaiya better or last chaos?

A:Shaiya is so much better than last chaos. A: 1st i tried last chaos before shaiya but i was getting bored cause not a lot of people play and all ... then i installed shaiya and got addicted trust me its way better

What is the highest level in shaiya?

ATM it lvl 70

What is the Max level in Shaiya?

The max lvl is 70

How do you hack shaiya?

If you really want to hack Shaiya you should go to this link and download the file. (don't get caught).

How do You Make A Shaiya Private Server With Hamachi Please Message me on skype or respond to this with great detail my skype is timcobb1616 ty?

its actually sample to create a private server for shaiya I will give you a website that gives you tips and tools and tutorials everything you would need to help you to create a server From : SliverBlade Good Luck!

How do you make characters on shaiya online?

To make a character on shaiya online all u have to do is usually when u go into shaiya it takes u to the character screen where u pick which playes u want instead of click on your player u just cclick create and it shud show u how to do it :D

What free mmorpg has nudity?

Shaiya, age of conan and kabod

High lvl free account on shaiya?

whats the username and password

Where is the bank teller located in glitter in shaiya?

Shaiya is a video game that many people play. In the game the role of the bank teller is not entirely accurate because they do not hold you money in a bank as the name is in implied.