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It's in volume 38.

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Q: In naruto what volume is chapter 347?
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What chapter does karin come in from Naruto?

Chapter 347

Which Naruto manga volume has chapter 347?

Chapter 347 of Naruto is included in volume 38 of the manga series.

Which volume of naruto has chapter 527?

volume 10

Which volume of naruto is the 498th chapter in?


What naruto manga volume and chapter is at the same place as naruto shippuden?

Naruto Vol. 28

What Naruto manga volume does it show Sasuke and Sai naked?

its is manga volume 347 where konohamaru does his double guy techinque and it shows sai and sasuke presumably naked!

What manga chapter is Naruto episode 218-220?

the manga fully stop all the episodes after 136 then go to naruto shippuden. you would know what naruto shippuden is if you went to the following websites

Naruto volume 43?

Volume 43 of Naruto includes chapters 391 to 400. In this volume, the battle between Naruto and Pain continues, and Naruto discovers the truth about Pain's identity. The volume also delves into the backstories of Pain and Jiraiya, shedding light on their connection.

What chapter of Naruto does Naruto and hinita kiss?

Never was a chapter with that.

In what Naruto Shippuden episode do you first see Hinata?

chapter 3: enter sasuke! volume 1 if you have anymore questions, email me at

Which chapter does naruto convince sasuke to come home?

all of volume 65 (chapters 618-627) is about that, but he starts to go back to konoha at chapter 618

In what chapter does Naruto find out about his father?

Naruto finds out that the 4th Hokage is his father in chapter 440.