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In harmony, what is created by the combination of three or more notes together?


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Q: In harmony what is created by the combination of three or more notes together?
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In harmony What is created by the combination of three or more notes?

In harmony, what is created by the combination of three or more notes together? chord

What doas harmony mean in music?

Harmony is two or more notes that when played together sound pleasant to the human ear. In today's music, chords are harmony in that a chord is three or more notes played together (which typically sound good).

Group of three or more notes sounded together to create a harmony?


When both instruments play the same notes together in unison that is called?


What is an abstract noun for the verb harmony?

The word 'harmony' is a noun, an abstract noun; a word for the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing effect; a situation in which people live and work well with other people; the attractive effect that is created when objects, colours etc combine together well.The verb is to harmonize. The abstract noun form of the verb is the gerund, harmonizing.

What is the meaning of harmony?

The noun harmony has three fold meanings :- 1) A pleasing quality when things are arranged together smoothly. 2)Agreement 3)The combination of musical notes sounded at the same time to produce chords with a pleasing effect.

What is the meaning of harmony in musical terms?

Generally, harmony is achieved when a group sings or plays instruments together in a matching or conforming pitch or progression. More specifically, harmony is a combination of two or three tones played together in the background while a melody is being played.

How are chords made?

When you play 3 or more notes together at the same time, in harmony, you get a chord.

What is the arithmetic meaning of harmony?

Two notes sounded together, whose frequencies are in the ratio of small integers.

What is a concord of notes?

A harmony

What is harmony and unity?

Harmony is a word used to describe an agreement or a combination of musical notes to produce chords. Unity is a word that describes 2 things becoming 1 thing.

How can there be harmony if no individual is the same?

Harmony is a combination of different notes. So, with all people being different but joining together in common interest, there should be harmony. It doesn't mean that everyone has to be a clone or has limited choices. It just means that we have to practice sharing and respecting one another. My opinion is that political correctness or requirements for certain religions over another disturbs the peace and harmony while the ability to speak a language in common builds harmony.