In WWE do they really fight?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no not really they cut them shelves when they start to bleed when they jump off the turnbuckle see how theopponent on the ground puts they're arms in the way so they don't get hurt

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No not for real.

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Q: In WWE do they really fight?
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Do WWE superstar really fight in match?

Yes, they do

Is jeff hardy and matt hardy really in a fight?

No. It was a WWE Storyline

When will Triple H return to WWE after his fight with sheamus?

triple h will return to wwe he just got injured really bad

Are Jeff and Matt really fighting?

ya. they are really fight........ wwe is really true fight ecspeacialy Shawn michaels, cena, Jeff, hhh, undertaker, Matt, randy, and all

Is WWE fights are real?

some of the fight is and some of it is not . but a wrestler can really get hurt if they move the wrong way.

How do you do a WWE party?

drink beer get chips make food or order pizza and u really should fight

Do wrestlers in raw really fight and bicker?

yeah they really fight raw wwe or any other wwe program. In some times the wwe people say that a wrestler has died, that he is no more. But actually they do acting to increase there publicity. In Wrestling the truth is second to publicity value. Fighters will argue on stage, but be best buddies in the dressing rooms. It is all designed to attract viewers. It is entertainment. Do not confuse it with reality.

Does MrMcMan really hate Brad Heart on the wwe?

yes because he was the 1 who started the fight so he hates Bret heart

Where John Cena fight?

in the WWE

Do wrestlers in WWE fight seriously?


Does Justin Bieber fight in W.W.E.?

No, Justin Bieber does not fight WWE.

What is a miracle on 34th street match in the WWE?

A street fight on the holiday edition of WWE