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He owns wwe and makes occasional appearances. No-one really knows when he will make an appearance.

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He isn't really in a coma.

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Q: Is vince McMahon coming back to WWE?
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From where did mr mc man get the money to start WWE?

vince McMahon didn't start the wwe. his father vince McMahon sr passed down the wwe to vince. and when vince McMahon passes, it will either go to Shane or Stephanie McMahon.

Who Is The Chairman Of The WWE?

The current chairman of the WWE (world wrestling entertainment) is Vince McMahon but either Triple h, Stephanie McMahon or Shane McMahon could be taking over if Vince retires

When is hogan and other legends going to come back to WWE to overthrow the McMahons and take what is rightfully theirs?

Rightfully Theirs? WWE is the property of Vince McMahon. All of these so called legends worked for Vince and Vince is the one that built the WWE into this giant global conglomerate. They will return to the WWE if Vince is ok with them coming back and if both parties agree to a contract on the same.

Who scripts the WWE?

Vince mcmahon

Who is the creator of WWE?

the creater is vince McMahon Sr. His son (vince McMahon jr.) is the current chairman and ceo of the company and he made wwe so big. But the creater is vince McMahon Sr.

Who created the WWE Championship?

I, Vince Mcmahon, did.

Who invented the WWE champion?


Who made WWE raw?

Vince McMahon.

What is the lysomes in the WWE?

Vince McMahon Jr

Who is the maneger of WWE company?

Vince McMahon.

Is Vince McMahon in the WWE Headquarters?


Who is on the board of directors for WWE?

vince mcmahon