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Q: In Star Wars battlefront your friend unlocked Tatooine Jabba how?
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On what planet is jabba the hutt's empire based?


Who was Jabba the Hutt exactly?

Jabba the Hutt was one of the last remaining Hutts in power. He ruled over the Tatooine sector of the galaxy until his death, which enraged the remaining Hutts.

Was Leia loyal to jabba the Hutt and If so how did he subdue her?

It was unlikely that she was "loyal to Jabba," per se. He kept her with a collar around her neck with a chain, and had to repeatedly pull on it, choking her painfully, in order to bring her half-naked body closer to himself. However, on the Sail Barge, she is standing by the window looking out at her friends on their way to their execution when Jabba pulls her chain. Subsequently, she is clearly seen jumping up on his throne and pressing herself (lower body first) against his belly, suggesting that there was at least some form of responsibility she had taken to him during her time as his slave. Loyalty, however, was a ways off, as his statement "Soon you will learn to appreciate me" would indicate.

Did Leia ever tell anybody about her time at Jabba's palace?

Not exactly a very precise question. Did Jabba every speak to Leia? Of course, and in the film there are several, instances of Jabba talking talking to her. But did the two ever carry out a long conversation? Probably not. As a slave, Leia was meant to keep quiet and most of what Jabba said to her were orders and short sentences. Also it would have been very difficult to converse considering they both spoke different languages.

How does Han solo know jabba the hut?

Because Han Solo did business with Jabba the Hutt

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Did Jabba the Hutt live in Dajovu?

No, Jabba the Hutt lived in Tatooine.

On what planet is jabba the hutt's empire based?


Who was jabba the hut?

A crime lord in the planet Tatooine in the film saga "star wars"

Can you defeat monster on jabba's palace on battlefront 2?

no i dont think so

What is the best Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC Mod Map ever?

This is my opinion, but my favorite map is Jabba's palace. jabba's palace is not a mod map!

Who was Jabba the Hutt exactly?

Jabba the Hutt was one of the last remaining Hutts in power. He ruled over the Tatooine sector of the galaxy until his death, which enraged the remaining Hutts.

What is the name of the obese crime lord who lives on the desert world of Tatooine?

Star Wars, I'm guessing....Jabba the Hut! gotta love those movies!

What planets are in Star Wars Battlefront?

If you are talking about Star Wars Battlefront 1, then the planets are: Bespin Cloud City, Bespin Platforms, Endor Bunker Geonosis Spire, Kamino Tipoca City, Hoth Echo Base, Kashyyyk Islands, Kashyyyk Docks, Naboo Plains, Naboo Theed, Tatooine Dune Sea, Tatooine Mos Eisley, Yavin 4 Temple, Yavin 4 Arena, Rhen Var Harbor, and Rhen Var Citadel. If you are talking about Star Wars Battlefront 2 the planets are Coruscant, Dagobah, Hoth, Endor, Geonosis, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Naboo, Utapau, Tatooine, Mygeeto, Mustafar, Polis Massa, Yavin 4, Felucia, Jabba's Palace, Tantive 4, Death Star, Space Felucia, Space Tatooine, Space Hoth, Space Geonosis, Space Kamino, Space Endor, Space Mustafar, Space Mygeeto, Space Coruscant, Space Yavin 4, Space Naboo, Space Kashyyk, Space Polis Massa, Space Utapau, Space Dagobah, and Space

How is Jabba the Hutt a Mafia godfather?

Since Jabba was 80 he was taught by his father everything about gambling, his father, Zorba the Hutt was a former gambler. Since then Jabba had been going from different planets trying to make money off of gambling, Hans Solo was Jabba's main target after he beat him in a card game and it had been a few years since he paid him back within those years Jabba had already made enough money that he started his own gambling buisness in his palace on Tatooine, making deals with other notorious gamblers and having his palace be a hangout. but soon Jabba's paitience grew thin with Solo and soon after made a deal with Vader to capture Solo and have him frozen i carbonite to become another part of his decorations, with include heads of other gamblers who never paid back Jabba in his earlier years and instruments from Banda who played for Jabba who displeased him and were eaten by his pet Rancour. By the time Jabba the Hutt was 600 he became the most well known gambler in the galaxy see, staying in his palace on tatooine in his old years.

If Leia walked through Tatooine in her slave costume after escaping would she be captured because people would probably identify her as a slave?

Presumably not, because if you look at the slave Jabba the Hutt had before her, she was wearing an entirely different outfit. Jabba most likely has them dressed in outfits of his own choosing.

Who is Gilramos Libkath?

Gilramos Libkath was a Contract-Scribe who worked for the Trade Federation. He was third in command to Nute Gunray and Rune Haako. In later years he was exiled to Tatooine. There he was a target of Jabba the Hutt. He was killed by a bounty hunter named Durge.

Where is the main setting in the movie Return of the Jedi?

There are 3 different main "battle" settings. First one is at Jabba's palace on Tatooine. The second and third alternate with each other and they are the forest moon of Endor and the space battle above the moon against the Second Death Star