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It isn't hard for the boys to hear Piggy, the truth is that they just don't want to listen to him. The fire is exciting and Piggy isn't, he whines a lot about things that most of the other boys find totally boring. Piggy is considered to be an outsider, he doesn't fit in and the majority of the boys consider him a joke and unworthy of respect, so they just don't listen to him. Jack in particular dislikes Piggy and his usual response to anything that Piggy says is, "shut up!"

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Q: In Lord of the Flies chapter 2 why is it hard for the boys to hear Piggy?
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How does the boys start the fire in chapter 2 of Lord of the Flies?

They started the fire by useing Piggy's glasses

How do the other feel about piggy in Lord of the Flies?

The other boys in Lord of the Flies don't like Piggy.

What two boys die in chapter 13?

In Lord of the Flies, Piggy and Simon are tragically killed. Simon is stabbed to death by the boys and Piggy is sadly hit by a massive rock:(

In lord of the flies which two boys are killed?

Simon and piggy

What was piggy job in lord of the flies?

Piggy's job was to watch over the littluns ( the little boys )

Who is the last of the boys on the mountain to make the fire in lord of the flies?


Who were the two boys that had been killed in the Lord of the Flies?

Simon and Piggy.

What events led to the boy's arrival on the island for lord of the flies?

There is a nuclear war happening, mentioned by Piggy in the 1st or 2nd chapter, and the boys were evacuated from Britain.

Who were the two boys that had been killed in the Lord f the Flies?

Simon and Piggy

What is jack's orders to the group when he sees piggy and Ralph in the lord of the flies?

Jack orders the boys to kill Piggy and Ralf.

What are the two boys names?

The two main characters of Lord of the Flies are Ralph and Piggy.

What is the significance of the chapter title The Sound Of The Shell in Lord of the Flies?

In chapter 1, they find a conch shell and piggy relizes that the conch could be used as a horn to call all the other boys on the island. With that, they blow into the conch and many boys come to the beach.