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She is a secretary at a real-estate office.

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Q: In 'Psycho' what is the job of Marion Crane?
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What movie was the character Marion Crane in?


Marion's last name in 'Psycho'?

Her last name is Crane.

In what film did the character of Marion Crane famously die?

Psycho (1960)

What film has Marion crane stabbed to death in the bates motel?


What is the first name of Marion Crane's lover in Psycho?

His name is Sam Loomis.

Is Alfred Hitchcock in Psycho?

Yes. About four minutes into the film, he is outside Marion Crane's office in a cowboy hat.

What actors and actresses appeared in Psycho - 2012?

The cast of Psycho - 2012 includes: Sage Brocklebank as Norman Bates Cameron Grierson as Sam Loomis Julie Krol as Marion Crane

What actors and actresses appeared in Psycho in 60 Seconds - 2011?

The cast of Psycho in 60 Seconds - 2011 includes: Bill Marles as The Cowboy Tyler Onassis as Norman Bates Julia Rhodes as Lila Crane Nikki Wallin as Marion Crane

When was Marion Crane created?

Marion Crane was created in 1959.

What actress was killed in physco?

Janet Leigh mother of Jamie Lee Curtis and Kelly Curtis.

Who starred in the film Psycho?

The original film, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, featured Anthony Perkins in the role of Norman Bates, Janet Leigh(mother of Jamie Lee Curtis) in the role of Marion Crane, Vera Miles as Lila Crane, and John Gavin as Sam Loomis. The remake done in 1998 featured Vince Vaughn as Norman, Anne Heche as Marion, Julianne More as Lila, and Viggo Mortenson as Sam.

What movie and television projects has Julie Krol been in?

Julie Krol has: Played Office Worker in "Smallville" in 2001. Played Tammy in "The Other Resident" in 2008. Played Natasha Palin in "BloodSign" in 2009. Played Marion Crane in "Psycho" in 2012. Played Anna in "Call Your Name" in 2014.