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You would have to contact the distributers of the anime, who might send the idea to the writer/creator of the anime. but i must say it is rare for the mangaka to adapt to anyone elses idea's to make a spin off.

unless the show was bought by the distributers meaning they had full control of the direction of the anime show.

but the mangaka would stick to their own ideas Well, Eureka 7 was made into an anime before the manga, as some others. I'm actually trying to do the same thing. What I recomend is you should make a script describing what the first episode would be and what would happen. Almost like writing a book, but not as tiring. This is what I'm doing. After that, send your ideas either to anime companies like Tokyo Pop or a manga artist (if you have one's email). If you can draw however, you should make a comic/manga or even just poses of your characters on sites like Deviant. Hope I helped you a bit.

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Q: If you have an idea for an anime spin off how would you get your idea heard by the guys how make anime?
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