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We all know that Diva wishes to have a family that will let her feel she is loved... but she killed Riku (the father of her twin babies) instead.

And the reason for that is, she wants to kill Saya's loved ones so that nobody can ever love Saya and for her to feel the loneliness, sadness and pain she felt in a long of time alone inside the tower or in other words Diva wants revenge.

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Q: If Diva wishes to have a family why did she killed Riku?
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In which episode did Diva kill Riku?

IN episode 39 Diva first knocked out Kai then stripped her clothes and then raped Riku afterwards she killed him. Later she was revealed pregnant.

Why did diva still riku's face?

although diva seems to have a crush on riku (as strange a crush as it may be) it is belived that she wore his face to mock saya, reminding her who killed her brother.

Does Diva love Riku?

Yes Diva loves Riku very much but his death on episode 32 was an accident. I mean Diva didn now Riku was Saya's chevalier. So Diva though Riku was still human and she wanted to make him Diva's chevalier.

How can Diva sound like Riku when she wants?

When Diva raped Riku, she obviously stole his blood- thus his genes which also is why she looks like Riku

What happen to saya younger brother in blood plus?

You mean Riku? Well, he gets killed by Diva Saya resurrects him by turning him into her chevalier Then Diva rapes him and she accidently kills him, killing him permanently

Blood plus characters?

Saya Kai Hagji Diva Solomon Mr.David Riku

What is the episode wen riku dies in blood plus?

He dies in episode 32. Diva rapes him and gives him her blood so he crystallises and dies.

Who is Riku's father in Kingdom Hearts?

Riku's father is never mentioned or revealed in Kingdom Hearts. In fact don't see any family of Riku or Sora's. Practically the only time they had any family involved in was Sora's Mom who spoke to call him for dinner and Kairi's Grandmother was also featured in kingdom Hearts 1, which I can Quote Riku: "We may never see our parents again, but I'm not afraid of the darkness." Its actually kinda sad I never met My Parents.

Riku on Kingdom Hearts 3?

Is riku on KH3 you ask? I have herd rumors that he IS on KH3 and says his hair is longer then rapunzels, and that ansem caputured him. The other answer is that he got killed in keyblade war with sora. I just bought KH3 and I will see if he is in it. TTYL!

What is the birth name of Riku Kemppinen?

Riku Kemppinen's birth name is Riku Antero Kemppinen.

What is the birth name of Riku Suokas?

Riku Suokas's birth name is Riku Tapani Suokas.

What is Dark Riku?

the name to distinguish KH1 Riku. Riku(normal) was the boy on the island, dark Riku was the heartless lord, with the armor previous to ansem, seeker of darkness infiltrating his body, where he is named Riku-ansem. Riku with the cloak is called cloaked Riku, and Riku that looks like ansem, seeker of darkness doesn't have it's own designated name. Claification, dark Riku is the Riku wearing the heartless armor, commands heartless and works for maleficent before ansem, seeker of darkness abducts him.