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well i know that her last name is shay but i dont know what her email is and you proberly want her email so you can go on a date if you are a boy!!

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Q: Icarly last name and emel addss?
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What is sam from iCarly's last name?

"Puckett" is her last name.

On icarly what is sams real first and last name?

Sam from the TV show "Icarly" first name is Jennette and her last name is McCurdy

What is iCarly's last name?

iCarly is actually a show but if you were talking about the main character, Miranda Cosgrove or Carly Shay, her last name is Shay.

What is iCarly miranda's last name?


What is nevils last name in iCarly?


What is the first and last name of Freddy on iCarly?

His real name is Nathan Kress: he plays Fredward Benson in iCarly.

How do you spell Nathan from icarly last name?


Freddie's last name of iCarly?

Freddie Benson

What is Freddie's last name on iCarly?

His full name is Fredward Benson.

In icarly what is Freddie's real first and last name?

fredward benson

On iCarly freddies first and last name?

Fredward "Freddie" Benson.

On icarly what is freedies real fist and last name?

His birth name is Nathan Karl Kress.