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Well the thing is.....The Naruto Manga has gone much further then the anime because the anime has many extra episodes that arent in the manga. If you want to see the extra episodes then i suggest watching it from the beginning. Because they are still making naruto shippuden episodes in Japan and are no where near what the manga is up too

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Q: I am reading Naruto but want to start watching the Anime how do I know what episode to watch?
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Which website is the best for watching videos of naruto?

you can watch naruto episode at , this website also shows bleach episode and some other anime .

Up to what episode is the Naruto series up to and what is Naruto shipudden?

naruto shipudden is a continuation of naruto (a Japanesemanga and anime series) and it is up to the 141th episode in anime and the 232th in the manga.the next anime and manga comes out on Thursday

When will Sasuke appear in the naruto anime on tv?

Sasuke appears in the first anime episode of Naruto.

Would you have missed anything if you started reading the Naruto Shippuden Manga when you are in the middle of watching the anime?

well... there are minute changes in manga and anime but nothing such as big miss which can affect story-line

What episode did Karin show up in Naruto Shippuden?

Her anime debut was Naruto Shippuden episode 115: Zabuza's Blade.

Where do you can watch naruto Shippuden episode 142?

You can watch full episodes of naruto at

In which episode are Sakura and Naruto married?

None. Naruto and Sakura are never married. Not in the anime or manga.

What episode does Naruto learn to use his Wind Release Rasenshuriken in the Naruto Shippuden anime?

Naruto learns to use Wind Release: Rasenshuriken in Naruto Shippuden episode 88. The episode is called "Wind Release: Rasenshuriken!"

Before what episode is Naruto Shippuden the movie?

None, like all other Naruto movies it has nothing to do with the plot of the anime or manga so watch it anytime you want, but I would suggest at least watching a few episodes.

What is a Naruto filler?

an episode of naruto that doesn't really have anything to do with the story or the anime made it up and it isn't canon in the naruto manga

Who is Maito Naruto?

Maito Naruto is Green Suit Naruto. He doesn't appear in the anime but he gets a chance to be Maito Naruto in episode 68 I think

In which episode of naruto do sakura and saskue kiss?

Naruto and Sasuke kiss in original episode 3 and Shippuden episode 194. The sceen when Sakura gives Naruto the kiss of life isn't anime yet.