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I've never thought about that... that was a great book, but i guess the world will never know if the coflict was ever solved...

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Q: IS the conflict between Ralph and Jack ever resolved in lord of the flies?
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What was the conflict in Lord of the Flies?

There was conflicting forms of leadership styles between the two boys, Jack and Ralph.

What was the conflict of lord of the flie and how was it solved?

When both Jack and Ralph stood as possible leaders Roger suggested that they should have a vote. The result was that Ralph was elected as leader and placed Jack in charge of the former choir as a consolation prize.

Who is chosen to be chief in Lord of the Flies?

The vote was between Jack and Ralph. When all the boys voted they chose Ralph as their leader. :)

Lord of the flies man vs man for example?

The external conflict in Lord of the Flies is when the kids themselves fight in a war with themselves. Another type of external conflict is when the kids bully Piggy and also when Ralph is being chased by Jack and his hunters. Jacob G.

In Lord of the Flies where does Simon go after the argument between jack and Ralph?

The Jungle

Who is elected leader in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph is elected the leader in Lord of the Flies.

What is an example of Intragroup conflict?

a good example would be in lord of the flies, when its Ralph vs. the group jack is in... if it makes sense...

What are all the conflicts between Ralph and Jack in the Lord of the Flies?

They were fighting to becoming better chief in the island

Who are some famous people named Ralph?

Ralph Macchio, Ralph Fiennes, Ralph Nader, Ralph Lauren and the character Ralph from the book Lord of the Flies.

In the book Lord of the Flies what is Ralph's age?

Ralph, the Protagonist of Lord of the Flies, is 12 years old. According to the book Ralph is described as being "twelve and a few months."

Who is the only one that can interrupt when someone is speaking in lord of the flies?

The Leader (Ralph)

In Lord of the Flies ho grabbed Eric's spear and jabbed Robert with it?