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Q: How would you classify a movie star as a factor of production?
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How real is the movie gladiator?

There really was a Roman emperor named Marcus Aurelius, and he had a son named Commodus, who succeeded him. In contrast to the movie, Marcus named Commodus his successor, rather than Maximus. However, some historians suspect Commodus did have a hand in his father's death. Commodus did not die in the arena. He was killed by a wrestler. After Commodus' death, Rome did not return to a republic as suggested in the movie. General Maximus Decimus Meridius is a fictitious character. There was a general named Avidius Cassius, who fought in the campaign depicted in the film and, upon hearing of Marcus' death, declared himself emperor of Rome. However, his own soldiers assassinated him. Later in Roman history, there was a general named Maximus, who appears to have had revolutionary ideas. Commodus really did have a sister named Lucilla, and, as depicted in the movie, she hated him. Lucilla was married to the co-emperor, Lucius Verus. Lucilla plotted to have Commodus assassinated, but Commodus had her exiled for the plot and later executed. So, unlike what happened in the movie, Commodus outlived his sister. It was another sister, not Lucilla, that Commodus was rumored to have had sexual relations. The tattoo on Maximus' arm reads, "SPQR." The letters relate to an often-used Latin phrase, Senatus Populusque Romanus, which means "the Senate and People of Rome." However, it is highly unlikely a Roman general would have such a tattoo, as tattoos were worn by foreigners and lower-class citizens.

Movie script for Jeff fahey where do you send it?

I heard Jeff Fahey and his brothers have a production company, what is the name, and where would I send a Hallmark type love story so it reaches the Fahey production compaany? The production company was known as Tyree Productions. A court action ended in 2000, at which time I believe it went out of business. You might try Black Sheep Grips, in the LA area of CA, care of Mike Fahey. Good luck.

Is evernight the book going to be a movie?

Evernight the vampire book series from Claudia Grey has not been picked up for movie production rights. Currently Claudia Grey is no longer writing the Evernight series.

What would you say Dumbo or Aladdin is a better movie?

I would say Aladdin is a better movie, but that's just because I don't like elephants.

What would not be a factor in determining the price of a ticket to a sporting event?

the projected profits from concessions.

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Work In process

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What would be the factors of production in case of a school?

Factor of production will be :land,labour, capital,teachers and students

What would be the factors of production in the case of a school?

Factor of production will be :land,labour, capital,teachers and students

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excess carbon dioxide

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Based on a true story :)

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If there were no time the Lenee of life wouldnt exist never would this come

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I would classify the starry nite as peace luv hope trust & beauty

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Who is the boss of a movie making a project?

The post production Sound Editor of a movie could have several "bosses." His/her immediate boss would be either the post production sound supervisor, or managing editor, or sound producer. The Sound Editor's ultimate boss would be the director of the movie and/or the executive producer, depending on what their final say is in the production of the movie.