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Q: How the attendant shows respect for Jonas?
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How does the attendant at the Receiver's residence show respect to Jonas?

The attendant at the Receiver's residence shows respect to Jonas by addressing him with courtesy and acknowledging his role as the new Receiver. She treats him with professionalism and reverence, understanding the significance of his position.

What Does The Attendant's Behavior Surprise Jonas?

The Attendant's behavior surprises Jonas because he is unaccustomed to people being rude, dismissive, or impolite in his community. The attendant's gruff attitude and lack of consideration for Jonas's feelings go against the norms of their orderly society.

Why does the attendant's behavior surprise Jonas?

The attendant's behavior surprises Jonas because he is used to a strictly controlled and regulated society where emotions are suppressed and deviations from the norm are rare. The attendant's warmth, kindness, and genuine concern for Jonas stand out in a society where such displays of emotion are typically avoided.

What does the receivers attendant tell Jonas about the locks?

The receivers attendant tells Jonas that the locks are to ensure privacy for the receiver. They prevent anyone else from entering the room while the receiver is working with the Giver.

How does the attendant at the annex react when Jonas arrives for his first training sessions?


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