How tall is Gig Rauch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gig Rauch is 5' 8".

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Q: How tall is Gig Rauch?
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What is the birth name of Gig Rauch?

Gig Rauch's birth name is Geraldine Gangel.

When was Gig Rauch born?

Gig Rauch was born on October 17, 1958, in Harlingen, Texas, USA.

How tall is Jamie Rauch?

Jamie Rauch is 6'.

How tall is Ben Rauch?

Ben Rauch is 5' 4".

How tall is Janette Rauch?

Janette Rauch is 170 cm.

How tall is John Rauch?

John Rauch is 6' 1".

How tall is Sibylle Rauch?

Sibylle Rauch is 178 cm.

How tall is Siegfried Rauch?

Siegfried Rauch is 179 cm.

How tall is Tyler Rauch?

Tyler Rauch is 6' 1 1/2".

How tall is Gig Morton?

Gig Morton is 5' 5".

How tall is Gig Young?

Gig Young is 6' 1".

What are baseball player Bob Rauch's physical stats?

Bob Rauch is 6 feet 4 inches tall. He weighs 200 pounds. He bats right and throws right.