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Georg von Rauch died on 1971-12-04.

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Friedrich Josef Rauch died in 1946.

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Friedrich Raaf died on 2002-03-14.

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Q: When did Friedrich Josef Rauch die?
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When did Friedrich August Rauch die?

Friedrich August Rauch died in 1841.

When was Friedrich Josef Rauch born?

Christian Daniel Rauch was born on January 2, 1777.

When did Josef Friedrich Matthes die?

Josef Friedrich Matthes died in 1943.

When did Josef Friedrich Schmidt die?

Josef Friedrich Schmidt died on 1948-09-28.

When was Friedrich August Rauch born?

Friedrich August Rauch was born in 1806.

When was Josef Friedrich Matthes born?

Josef Friedrich Matthes was born in 1886.

When was Josef Friedrich born?

Josef Friedrich was born on 1893-09-12.

When was Josef Friedrich Schmidt born?

Josef Friedrich Schmidt was born on 1871-10-24.

What has the author Josef Pausz written?

Josef Pausz has written: 'Andreas Rauch' -- subject(s): Biography, Composers, Organists

When did Pavao Rauch die?

Pavao Rauch died in 1933.

When did Doug Rauch die?

Doug Rauch died in 1979.

When did Dick Rauch die?

Dick Rauch died in 1970-10.