How tall is Ganeshi Becks?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ganeshi Becks is 169 cm.

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Q: How tall is Ganeshi Becks?
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When was Ganeshi Becks born?

Ganeshi Becks was born in 1983, in Berlin, Germany.

What movie and television projects has Ganeshi Becks been in?

Ganeshi Becks has: Played Sylvie in "Das Mikroskop" in 1988. Played Olga Nissen in "Unser Charly" in 1995. Played Corinna in "Allein unter Bauern" in 2006. Played Lili Lenz in "Der Traum ihres Lebens" in 2006. Played 2. Frau in "Peer Gynt" in 2006. Played Nadine in "Lucy" in 2006.

How tall is Romina Becks?

Romina Becks is 167 cm.

How tall is Ron Becks?

Ron Becks is 5' 10".

What has the author Ganeshi Lal written?

Ganeshi Lal has written: 'Siyahat-i-Kashmir ='

What actors and actresses appeared in Becks on Becks - 2007?

The cast of Becks on Becks - 2007 includes: David Beckham as himself

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When was Inge Becks born?

Inge Becks was born in 1966, in Belgium.

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What actors and actresses appeared in Das Mikroskop - 1988?

The cast of Das Mikroskop - 1988 includes: Adriana Altaras as Maria Ganeshi Becks as Sylvie Max Below as Fritz Barbara Beutler as Johanna Alf Bold as Trauzeuge Malgorzata Gebel as Tina Thomas Kempas as Standesbeamter Brigitte Kolb as Nachbarin Maria Alexander Malkowsky as Klaus Beate Stope as Trauzeugin Vladimir Weigl as Franz

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