How strong is Luffy's dad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Considering Monkey.D.Luffy's father is Monkey.D.Dragon, the infamous leader of the revolutionary army against the huge battle-force that is, the Marines.

I'm pretty sure his dad isn't a pushover.

Example: Dragon took down Chaser (the smoke/devil fruit marine) in 3seconds flat.

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Q: How strong is Luffy's dad?
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What episode does ace find out who luffys dad is?

We don't actually know. Oda didn't tell us, it was just presumed that Ace already knew.

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Who is luffys father?

Monkey D. Dragon

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Monkey D. Dragon is Luffy's father and Portgas D. Rouge is his mother. They are both connected to key events in the One Piece story.

What episode does luffys brother pop in in one piece?

In episode 94.

How many people are in luffys crew?

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Is gold roger in one piece luffys dad?

no it his uncleluffys dad is monkey d. dragon. he might be his uncle.Strong points that they may be related:Ace was adopted by the "monkey family" (luffy,dragon,garp)Ace is Gol D. Roger son, (not Gold Roger or Gold D. Roger)"Will of D"

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