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Q: How old was vanessa when she acted in the movie thirteen?
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How old was josh huctherson when he acted in the movie the journey to the centre of the earth?

Josh Hutcherson is an American actor. He was 16 years old when in 2008 he acted in the movie 'Journey to the center of the earth'.

How old was Abigail Breslin when the movie Zobieland was filmed?

Se was thirteen years old.

Can a thirteen year old get in a r rated movie with a eighteen year old?


How old is Nikki Reed in movie ''Thirteen''?

No, Thirteen just tells the story about two young thirteen year old girls and the everyday struggles they face in a society where sex, drugs, and stealing are the only way to fit in.

Who acted in movie old school?

Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson & Vince Vaughan

Can you take my thirteen year old to see a 15 movie?

If he or she is your 13-year-old, yes.

Should kids watch a movie for pg thirteen?

it depends how old the kids are! :)

Should a thirteen year old watch a rated r movie?

Probably not.

What was Leonardo DiCaprio's age when he acted in his first movie?

Leonardo DiCaprio was 16 years old when he acted in his first film "Critters 3".

How old was Nikki reed in the movie thirteen?

Nikki Reed was 15 when she played the role of Evie in the movie Thirteen.

Can a younger child go to a PG thirteen rated movie with a thirteen year old?

No, the child has to be 13 or older to go see a PG-13 movie. Hence, PG-13.

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"I am thirteen years old."