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No, Thirteen just tells the story about two young thirteen year old girls and the everyday struggles they face in a society where sex, drugs, and stealing are the only way to fit in.

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she was actually 17 in that movie

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Q: How old is Nikki Reed in movie ''Thirteen''?
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How old was Nikki reed in the movie thirteen?

Nikki Reed was 15 when she played the role of Evie in the movie Thirteen.

How old is Nikki Reed?

Nicole "Nikki" Reed is 29 years old (birthdate: May 17, 1988).

How does Niki reed know Catherine hardwick?

Catherine Hardwick dated Nikki's dad when she was around ten years old. Nikki worked with Catherine on the move 'Thirteen' which Nikki co-wrote and stared in.

How old is Rosalie Cullen in real life?

The actress that played Rosalie Cullen in the Twilight series was Nikki Reed. As of July 2104, Nikki Reed is approximately 26 years old.

How old is Nikki reeds big brother Nathan August reed?

Nathan august reed is 22 years old

Who is Nikki in thirteen?

Evie Zamora is a thirteen year old girl, who drags Tracy into her world of sex, drugs and petty crime.

Does Nikki reed smoke now?

yesthat's to bad she is really pretty and smoking is disgusting ewwww my brothers friends do it all the time and i tried before but i couldn't handle it thank god (litterally)Nikki reed never used to smoke but recently photos have been seen of her at the NEW MOON set and she was hanging out with Kristen STewart smoking. Stewart is a bad influence, as is Robert. Most of the Twilight cast do smoke, besides Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner and Jackson Rathbone. as i read, anyway. hope this helps.that does help but actually she did all sorts of bad things that her mom kicked her out of their house when she was only 14 years old...she experiemented with sex, drugs, cigarettes, and many more bad things. If you've ever watched "thirteen" then you know what happened in her life since it is the bio of Nikki reed....i got this info from a VERY reliable source....Actually her mom didnt kick her out,she left and got emancipated . and Jackson rathbone does smoke. Thirteen wasnt her biography she made up that story over a 6 day period on winter break. She did however quit smoking. Ashley greene and reed DID smoke but they quit.

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How old was Abigail Breslin when the movie Zobieland was filmed?

Se was thirteen years old.

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Can you take my thirteen year old to see a 15 movie?

If he or she is your 13-year-old, yes.

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it depends how old the kids are! :)