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He was noticeably lighter when he released Bad when he was around 28/29 years old. By the time he released Dangerous in 1991 he was totally white, he was 33 years old.

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Q: How old was Michael Jackson when his skin turned white?
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Was the skin color of Michael Jackson white at the funeral?

Yes, Michael Jackson's skin color was white at his funeral.

Were Michael Jackson's grandparents African?

Michael Jackson's grandparents are african. 90% of michael's family is black. including him. michael says, ''My skin disease might have turned my skin white, but i am a 100% african american''.

If Michael Jackson's skin turned white who did he get the rare condition from?

In his 1993 interview with Oprah, Michael stated that someone in his father's side of the family had it, seeing as there is little to no information on Joe Jackson's family it would be impossible to find out who it was.

Did the government turn Michael Jackson white?

no he had a skin disorder

What color are Michael Jackson's children?

His children's skin colour is white.

Is Michael Jackson the only person in the world who bleached his skin white if not who else?

Michael Jackson never bleached his skin. he had Vitiligo so he had to wear make up to even out his skin tone

Are Michael Jackson's children white or black?

A mixture of both, they have tan/olive skin.

What is vertilgo?

This is a skin disease that gives you white patches on your skin and makes you go Very white! E.g - Michael Jackson Had it! R.I.P MJ xxx

Did Michael Jackson had psychological problems?

He had some setbacks in his life, yes. Michael Jackson was constantly targeted by the media and press that spread rumors about him like him sleeping in an oxygen tank, bleaching his skin, etc. They were all untrue. The oxygen tank picture was him after he got treated for his burns (the result of a Pepsi commercial accident), and he also had vitiligo, which is a skin disease where the pigmentation in your skin is destroyed, which is why his skin turned white.

What was Michael Jackson's inspiration for the song Black or White?

Michael Jackson had a Skin Disease called Vitiligo. It creates iregular patches of skin that can effect the DNA to become a brighter color like white, it can happend on any part of the body. Michael is Black on the Inside but on the outside Michael is White. Michael's Oldest kid: Prince Michael Jackson has SOME vitligo just like his dad. But yeah to the real question, Michael Joseph Jackson is Black on the inside and White on the Outside. He NEVER bleached his skin.

Is the kids of Michael Jackson is biracial?

If they are his children, then yes they are obviously biracial, all three of them have slightly olive skin.

What colour were Michael Jackson's eyes?

Michael Jackson's eyes were brown.