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When you hit menopause

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Q: How old is too old to be a surrogate mother?
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Do you have to have one baby before you can be a surrogate mother?

Do you have to have a baby before you can be a surrogate mother

What is the meaning of a surrogate?

The dictionary definition of Surrogate is substitute. A surrogate mother is a woman who has someone else's baby for them, in effect a woman who is a substitute for the mother.

Looking for information on being a surrogate mother.?

There are many agencies you can work with to learn how to be a surrogate mother. The best agency I have found is Surrogate Mothers Inc.

If you have Antiphospholipid Syndrome and you are wanting to use a surrogate mother can you pass it on to the surrogate mother?

No, you cannot pass Antiphospholipid syndrome to a surrogate mother who is carrying your baby. You can pass it onto your unborn baby though.

are surrogate mother contracts permissable in New York?

surrogate mother contracts are permissible in state of New York.

Surrogate in a sentence?

Since we couldn't have a baby. We decided to hire a surrogate mother.

Who is Michael jacksons son blankets mother?

An unknown surrogate.

What are the different opinions about being a surrogate mother?

What are the different opinions about being a surrogate mather

How old do i have to be in order for a surrogate mother to carry my baby?

I think the people matching you up with a surrogate, and you should always go through a agency, they require at least 21yo. It may vary though.

What are the release dates for Surrogate Mother for Hire - 2009?

Surrogate Mother for Hire - 2009 was released on: USA: 7 May 2009 (internet)

Why does the clone not resemble the surrogate mother?


Will Planned Parenthood explain how to become a surrogate mother?

Yes, Planned Parenthood will explain to you the process of becoming a surrogate mother. They might even have a guide.