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China Anne McClain is 13,sierra McClain is 18, and Lauryn McClain is 15.

(China Anne McClain is also on A.N.T show!)

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China is 13 Lauryn is 15 and Sierra is 18 :)

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Q: How old is the McClain sisters 2012?
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How old is sierra mclain?

Sierra McClain, who is a member of the pop vocal group the McClain Sisters, was born in Atlanta on March 16, 1994. Thus, in 2012, she is 18 years old.

How old is china Anne McClain's now in 2012?

China Anne McClain is 15 years old.

Where were the McClain sisters born?

the mcClain sisters was born in Atlanta,Gerogia

How old are the McClain sisters?

China Anne McClain was born in 13 August 25,1998, who will be 14 in October, Lauryn McClain was born in 15 January 9,1997, who is now 15, and Sierra McClain was born in March 16,1994 is 18 years old.

Who is the mcclain sisters mom?

shontell mcclain

Who is oldest of the mcClain sisters?

Sierra McClain

Who is the mcclain sisters parents?

Shontell McClain and Michael McClain

How old are china anne mcclains sisters?

China anne McClain sisters are 14 and 16 years old.

Are the McClain sisters really sisters?


How old is china anne mcclain and her sisters?

(2012) China:13,The Youngest Lauryn:15, Middle & Sierra:17, The Oldest

What are the name of the McClains sisters?

Sierra McClain, Lauryn McClain and China Anne McClain

What is china anne mcclain sisters name?

China Anne McClain sisters are Lauryn McClain the older sister and Sierra McClain.