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Q: How old is shelter in stone cold?
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Who is the main character in the stone cold truth?

There are two MAIN characters in the book stone cold and they are Shelter and Link.

Who old Stone Cold?

There has been only one STone Cold and that is Steve Austin

What is the address that Shelter lives in in the Stone Cold by Robert Swindells?

9 morrnigton place/ crescent

What did the old stone age's shelter loook like?

lived in caves

How old is steve austin stone cold?

Stone Cold Steve Austin is 53 years old (birthdate: December 18, 1964).

How old stone cold steve austin?

Stone Cold Steve Austin is 53 years old (birthdate: December 18, 1964).

How did stone aged people survive the cold?

The same way modern man does. Shelter, clothing and fire.

Why is stone cold not coming back?

because he to old

What was the climate in the old stone age?

very cold!!

How old do you have to be to work at cold stone?

15 and up

Stone cold Robert swindells What does shelter do to his dead recruits?

after shelter kills his recruits he places them in a line like in the army underneath the floor boards where it is dark and cold so they don't smell and give their hiding place away.

Why did the old stone age people use tree branches?

To help their shelter and make stronger