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They are 15.

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Q: How old is lok and Sophie for huntik?
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Which one was in love fist lok or Sophie in huntik?


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Are lok and Sophie in love in season 2 of huntik?

I would say yes, because they already were in love in Season 1. And you can tell that Lok is very protective of her. He could only active Pendragon when he was protecting her.

In huntik what is loks last name?

lok Lambert

In huntik episode 17 what power was zahlia going to use to kill Sophie?


Are lok and Sophie in love in huntik?

i would guess so resons #1 lok said he wanted to be with her #2 they were holding hands #3sophie hugged lokTaking into account that Lok and Sophie have just met, this episode is very dubious about this theme, and any physical contact is, although not by accident, necessary, once they are running away from the Suits.LokAt the beginning of the episode, Lok looks eager to talk to Sophie and gets sad when she tells him that she had never noticed him before. When the Suits get Sophie, he doesn't want to leave her and run away. Sophie's really impressed at how fast Lok solved her crosswords and smiles when he starts running towards his house. When they start being pursued by the Suits, Sophie is desperate to protect Lok and she decides to go get him when they split up. While running away of the Suits, Sophie holds Lok's hand, which may mean she's anxious to get some physical contact with him. The Casterwill ClientAs with the first episode, this one doesn't have much evidence, once they have just met and are still building their friendship. LokLok is happy when he finds out that Sophie is a Seeker too and seems glad of knowing who she is. While Sophie studies, Lok has his hands on her chair or one of them on her back. When they are leaving the library, Lok offers to help Sophie carrying the books. SophieSophie seems worried and ready to help when Lok is in danger. When she pays Dante to teach her, Lok comes in the package too (as a student), as well as finding out what happened to his father, which means she cares about him (Lok, not his father). By saying Dante would be perfect for her when asked by LeBlanche about Lok, Sophie might be trying to hide her feelings for the youngest one. When she asks Lok how his history test went, she is showing she worries. Sophie looks impressed at the fact that Lok was able to summon Freelancer. Words Of Truth, Heart Of LiesThis episode, although having more evidence about Sophie, shows that Lok already likes her, once his evidence is more clear and reliable. On the other hand, it is obvious that Sophie has a crush on Dante. LokLok is sad due to the fact that "Sophie hasn't taken her eyes off Dante" since they arrived. When Sophie tries to protect Dante and is stopped by the Suits, Lok tells them to get their hands off her. SophieSophie gets jealous when Lok says Zhalia is even stronger than her and doesn't want Zhalia to go on a mission with them. She is the only one who yells Lok's name when he runs to save Dante. When Lok is hit by two Suits, Sophie tries hard to get them away from him and looks happy when he saves her, Dante and Zhalia, now completely recovered. Into The River Of SecretsThis episode doesn't show many evidence for both sides, and what is shown can be taken as proof of their friendship instead of love. LokAt a battle, Lok sends Freelancer to help Sophie (and Peter and Zhalia). SophieSophie is impressed at the fact that Lok translated a code message so fast. When Lok is almost taken away from them by a swirl of water, Sophie fastly grabs his ankle and saves him. While Lok is consulting the Holotome, Sophie is with her hand on his back. Crawling The CatacombsThis episode, as the one before, doesn't show many evidence of their love, but of their friendship instead. LokAfter Sophie solves a riddle about Notre Dame, Lok tells her she's "way ahead" of him. SophieWhen Lok gets stuck in a room and almost killed, Sophie cries his name, says she "can't watch this" and gets really happy when he escapes from the trap. When Lok falls in a trap, Sophie is the only one to yell his name, worried, although, when he is finally safe she provokes him. Divide And ConquerThis episode shows Lok's attempts to impress Sophie and to get closer to her, and her rudeness that clearly tries to make him understand that it's not him who she likes, but Dante. LokWhen Sophie finally wakes up, Lok is the one by her side and when Sophie is about to try to break the curse of the Joan of Arc's ring, he puts his arm around her shoulders, as well as it is him who tells her to come back to them when she's being tortured by this very curse. When Sophie falls in a pit, Lok risks his own life to save her and he knew it was her because of the people she had called ("Simple: you called for Dante to help, then me. Then anyone else. But never Zhalia!"), meaning he understands her and worries about her. SophieNo evidence was found for Sophie in this episode, unless the rudeness with which she behaves with Lok is a way of hiding her true feelings for him. The Legacy Of ThorThis episode doesn't focus on their relationship. LokLok trusts Sophie some thoughts about his father. Before knowing it was Zhalia, when she appears and they think it's an enemy, Lok tells Sophie to stay quite, in order to keep her safe, and goes outside his tent to see who's out there. He also told Sophie that she's smart, and smiles to her, but she just says the opposite about Lok; he doesn't mind and tries to look interested in a book she gave him.SophieWhen Lok tells her that he misses his father, Sophie shows compassion and tries to console him. Two Powers Become OneThis episode is just like the one before: it doesn't focus on their relationship. LokOnce Lok's time with his team was short, there wasn't place for any romance for him. SophieWhen Lok (along with Montehue) gets separated from the team, Sophie gets really worried about him. When Lok starts fighting the Frost Giant, Sophie calls his name. Absent HeroesThis episode doesn't focus in their relationship. LokAfter getting away from DeFoe, Lok worries about Sophie (and Zhalia), fighting by her side when in battle against the evil man. SophieSophie gets embarrassed when talking about Lok's father. She also gets impressed when Lok solves a difficult puzzle in a matter of seconds. She laughs when Lok makes an imitation of Dante. Once they were alone, they smiled to each other; that was a sign for both of them but they just went on.The Treasures Of The ArgonautsThis episode lets us a hint at the fact that Sophie starts liking Lok, although she fights to hide it. LokWhen Sophie is caught by DeFoe, it's Lok who saves her. SophieAfter getting to the surface, when Sophie sees Lok lying on the ground she asks with some fear in her voice what happened, and when Zhalia criticizes Lok she defends him. After Lok defeats four Suits alone and Zhalia says she didn't know he had it on him, Sophie says she did. She also compliments him when he proves to be able to bond withLindorm, saying that she doesn't know if she would be able to do that. The Beautiful TrapIn this episode the different members of the team are separated, so there's no time for romance. LokWhen Lok gets to the boat and notices everyone is sleeping, the first thing he does is checking how Sophie is and saves her before saving the others. The girl who approaches Lok and tells him he's cute looks very much like Sophie, which can be interpreted as this being his type of girl. SophieWhen Zhalia tells Lok they aren't on a mission for fun, Sophie contradicts her and says that going on a mission doesn't mean having no fun at all. By the end of the episode, Sophie makes a correct guess about Lok's illusion, which means that she knows him. At the end of the episode Sophie gets the last drink on the boat, but she doesn't want to share it with Lok because he didn't share his food with her. She says she didn't because Zhalia told her Lok was flirting with the other girls on the island; maybe she wanted to give him a clue about her feelings.Like Father, Unlike SonThis episode was more focused in morale principals than in romantic relationsihps. However, we can notice Sophie is starting to pay some attention to Lok. LokLok was too concentrated in giving the people of Suttos freedom to think about romance. SophieSophie says she's been trying to get Lok's attention for ten minutes. She also thinks Lok should try summoning Lindorm, which means she trusts in his capacities. Sophie panics when Lok is almost smashed by a trap. After Lok uses Augerfrost perfectly, Sophie congratulates him. Sophie gets impressed at Lok's persistence to get the people of Suttos free from The Organization and at his great control over Lindorm. Home TurfThis episode is like a bridge. Lok and Sophie realize they do like each other, but they are hiding their feelings, as both of them get embarassed when this matter comes to surface. Sophie kind of lightens her crush for Dante, once she is like the teenager who has a crush on some celebrity, but the one she really likes is Lok. From now on, the series starts focusing more on their relationship than before, especially on Sophie's side of it. It's usual to hear the famous saying "You don't know what you've got until it's gone"; that's nearly what happens with Sophie: at the risk of loosing Lok to Scarlet, she realizes how much she likes him. LokLok almost confesses his feelings for Sophie, but the Suits interrupt them and Lok puts himself in front of Sophie, protecting her. When Lok and Sophie realize they don't have time to think of a plan and Dante and the others won't get there in time, Lok says "Then I'll give you time! Wish me luck. Bye..." and pulls Sophie to the inside of the door, to safety, and fights the Suits alone. SophieSophie wants to know more about Lok's childhood. When Lok's mother is telling stories about his childhood, Sophie laughs and says "I bet you were adorable!". When Sandra tells them about Lok's crush on Scarlet Byrne, Sophie, although she says it's very sweet, gets a bit jealous. Sophie also gets jealous when Lok accepts going on a mission with Scarlet. Now this is perhaps the most obvious evidence in the whole episode of Sophie's feelings for Lok: he and Scarlet hold hands and Sophie, incredibly jealous, says out loud: "Hey!.. What's THAT all about?!?". Sophie gets jealous once again when in fight Lok says "Scarlet, you'd better stand behind me!" and protects the Irish girl, something he had never done with Sophie. When a Suit attacks Lok and Scarlet, Sophie says "Hold on, Lok!" without mentioning Scarlet. When Lok is telling her she doesn't have to worry about he and Scarlet being a couple, she smiles in a way that we can tell she does like him and when the Suits come Sophie lets herself be protected by Lok. After Lok pulls Sophie into inside of the door and starts fighting the Suits on his own, she gets desperate to get to him and make sure he's fine. All Work And No PayThis episode doesn't show much effective evidence, but it's noticeable that Lok and Sophie start walking and sitting together all the time, as well as talking with more confidence. To sum up, they are closer to each other. LokWhen Cherit is a bit impolite to Sophie, Lok tells him that's no way to talk with a girl and says she hasn't fatten almost anything. SophieWhen Lok tells Sophie that everyday he feels his father "is further and further away", she tels him not to worry, "we'll find him, you have to have faith". The Sceptre DeceptionThis episode is just like the one before. LokHe wants to tell Sophie what his father had left for him. SophieSophie is worried when they have to leave Lok alone. Sophie almost panics when Lok nearly dies while solving a puzzle. The Bookshop HunterThis episode didn't focus on their relationship at all. LokWhen Lok sends Kipperin back to its amulet, he lands next to Sophie. SophieWhen Lok makes a correct guess, Sophie says "Quick thinking, Lok!" and tells him to move when they discover magical spiders. The Vampire Loses Its FangsAlthough this episode doesn't concentrate on their relationship, it shows the essential: Lok likes Sophie enough to let himself be killed instead of her and Sophie recognizes his courage and capacities. LokLok saves Sophie from a titan. While running away from Vlad's titans and traps, Lok grabs Sophie's hand for several times and saves her. While Sophie is fighting against Zhalia, Lok cries her name for several times. When Zhalia is just about to finish Sophie off, Lok puts himself between them in order to protect Sophie. SophieSophie gets impressed when Lok discovers a secret passage. When Lok mentions that Zhalia didn't finish them off because of what she had called "major stupidity", Sophie tells him that jumping between them was bravery, not stupidity. Memory LaneLok doesn't have time for romance in this episode: he isn't with Sophie most of time and when he is, he's not in condition to flirt or anything with her. Now with Sophie, she seems to be starting to realize how Lok is important for her, as we can notice when she cries for thinking he is dead. LokNo evidence found. SophieWhen Sophie thinks Lok has died, she cries his name desperately (for two times) and even sheads a tear. When she finds out he's alive she's very happy and relieved. Ladies' ChoiceThis episode doesn't focus on their relationship. Any evidence that might be found is pure speculation. LokSurrounded by many women giggling, Lok asks Dante why Metz would want to spend his time in that little village - well, that can make some room for speculation, because no teenage boy would ask such thing when surrounded by so many women unless he is in love with some other girl and he sees no one else but the one he's in love with. SophieNo evidence found. The Unseen GuideThis episode shows, above all, Sophie's feelings for Lok, which are now completely developed. It also shows that Lok has feelings for Sophie, too. LokWhen they get away from Rassimov and his Suits, Lok holds Sophie's hand and guides her through a secret passage. However, it was not running or in a desperate situation: they were standing side by side, Lok grabbed her hand, they looked at each other, smiling, and went through the secret passage. SophieLok and Sophie already act as if they were married - he misbehaves and she kicks him out of the house! When Lok falls into the cave, Sophie yells his name and starts using 'Break Spell' irracionally, at the point that Zhalia even has to shake her and tell her to put herself together! Also, she desperately tries to find a way of breaking the force barrier that prevents them from entering the cave. Finally, when Lok comes back, Sophie cries his name and hugs him, although she gets embarassed after doing that. While fighting against Rassimov and his Suits, Sophie almost gets herself killed when she saves Lok from a titan. Coming Of AgeThis episode concludes the ones before: Sophie shows that she does like Lok and that now she isn't afraid of telling him what she feels for him. LokWhen they enter Atlantis, Lok tries to catch Sophie, although things don't run exactly as he planned. SophieWhen Lok decides to be the first being put under a test, Sophie tells him to be careful. Sophie feels sorry for Lok when he realizes his father didn't get to Atlantis. When Lok starts fighting Rassimov, Sophie says he's amazing. When Zhalia says she will bring Lok, Sophie tells her she will do it herself. When Sophie finally gets to be alone with Lok, she reveals her true feelings for him ("Well... At least... You're the one who keeps me going...") and hugs him. The Golden AspAfter Sophie tells Lok how she feels, now it's time for him to tell her his feelings. The two flirt a lot, but will Lok put his timidity aside and finally tell Sophie what truly goes in his heart? LokWhen Sophie makes a correct guess, Lok tells her "I love it when you get specific!". When Sophie gets to a precious information, Lok tells her: "You're good!". While they are in the car, Lok tells Sophie that thanks to him, she got out safe from the the villagers' attack. While in the sand storm, Lok holds Sophie and keeps her safe in his arms, protecting her for several times with his own body. When they finally escape from the sand storm, Lok sits in front of Sophie and takes care of her. SophieWhen Lok starts getting desperate because of a puzzle, Sophie puts her hand on his back and tells him to have faith. Sophie gives Lok some of her water. When Sophie almost faints in the middle of the sand storm, she calls for Lok to help her. To Be TogetherThis is the climax of their love story, and the conclusion for those who still had any doubts of their love. They do love each other and now they assume it, living this love in all its fullness. Lok puts his timidity aside, as well as Sophie with her crush on Dante. There are no doubts: their love is true and pure and, above all, strong and fearless! LokLok starts flirting with Sophie, but unfortunately they are interrupted by the always naive Tursley. After Sophie saves him, Lok thanks her and both of them blush. Once in safety, Lok tries to tell Sophie how he feels, but once again, they are interrupted by the inopportune Tursley, what causes Lok to say "Man... You've got some timing, you know?". While Sophie is wearing Queen Sheba's clothes, Lok gets infatuated by how she looks, feeling like he's dreaming and she's some kind of supreme beauty. And while she jumps to her place, Lok can't take his eyes off her, totally in love. When he realizes that he has no chance but telling Sophie how he feels, Lok tells her: "Sophie: I know we're from different worlds - sorta like Salomon and Sheba... I don't want us to end up like them. Never having the chance... to be together!...", and they hold hands! Then the secret doors open, almost as a proof that the feelings shown were true and intirely pure!... SophieSophie flirts back when Lok starts flirting with her, but they are interrupted by the always naive Tursley. Sophie saves Lok, holding him, and when he thanks her both of them blush. When Lok is trying to tell her about his feelings, Sophie says "You know... You never told me how you felt..." and we can tell she's anxious to hear him say that his feelings are identical to hers. When Sophie's wearing Queen Sheba's clothes, she tries to impress Lok, catching his attention by asking him how she looks. When Lok is about to express his feelings, Sophie says she will listen to everything that he has to say and while he is expressing his feelings, Sophie looks like she's dreaming, and holds hands with him in overjoy. When Lok faints, Sophie, running for him, yells "Lok! No!" and holds him. She does it as if he was going to die. The Secret Of Two GenerationsThis episode didn't focus on their relationship, although it's noticeable that they openly assume their love. LokLok is somehow flirting with Sophie when he tells her this has been the best Summer of his life. SophieSophie cries for Lok when he says it's unfair that he found the Amulet of Will when neither Eathon nor Simon did. When both Dante and Lok fail to invoke Behemouth and Daoh, Sophie only tells Lok not to invoke his Legendary Titan. Sophie is shocked when Dante tells Lok to handle The Professor. Sophie is by Lok's side when he recovers his breath. She feels flattered when Lok tells her this has been the best Summer of his life. The Divine ComedyThis episode doesn't focus on their relationship at all. LokLok orders Freelancer to protect Sophie and goes help her himself when she recovers from faintness. SophieSophie's worried about Lok and protects him whem Guggenheim offends him. When Sophie has to choose between helping Dante or staying with Lok, she chooses the latter. The MissionThis episode focuses on The Professor's defeat and on Lok's extremely high potential. Lok and Sophie are now an assumed couple and it's a natural and common thing to see them being romantic towards each other.LokWhen Sophie falls, he saves her and, looking tenderly at her, he says "hi" and when he arrives the room where The Professor was, he gently let her lay in a protected corner of the room. When the crew gets out of the Organization's base, Sophie and Lok are holding hands. SophieSophie is the first to join Lok in his self-assigned mission. When Lok is projected out of the room where they are fighting The Professor, Sophie screams his name in despair. When she falls as well and he saves her, she only looks sweetly at him and says his name, fainting again.When the crew gets out of the Organization's base, Sophie and Lok are holding hands. At the surprise party, Sophie grabs Lok's hand, brings him to the center of and suggests Lok should be the team leader from then on.

Who is the leader of the Huntik gang?

dante vale in the beginning until the last episode of season 1 until lok Lambert stops the proffessor.

How old is zhalia from huntik?

She has 21 to 25 years old

Does lok like Sophie?

According to my sources yes lok does like Sophie first reason1he was upset when she paid attention to Dante 2 he said he wanted to be wit her and last risked himself to save her

What is Huntiks?

HI! first off if your talking about the TV show then its HUNTIK without a s. and its about this kid named Lok.Lok is really good at puzzles. one day hes gos to the smart kid of his class so she can help him study. the girls name is Sophie. when she helps him study they discover a amulet and journal left by his father. loks dad was a great seeker. a seeker is a person who can use amulets and release the titan inside if it. the organization comes after him so lok is forces to fight. pretty soon after that lok and Sophie hire donte vale to help them find loks dad. now lok along with his friends travel across the world trying to find his dad while fighting the organization. sorry i couldn't get into detailsXP