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Princeton - 14 in the 10th grade

Prodigy-13 in the 9th grade

Roc Royal- 13 in the 9th grade

Ray Ray - 14 in the 10th grade

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Hes in his last year of high school. Princeton skipped a grade.

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Q: How old is jacob perez from mindless behavior in 2011?
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What is the mindless behavior boys real names and how old is each of them?

prodigy- craig johnson 15 in 2011 roc royal- trey young 14 in 2011 ray-ray- randy rayson 14 in 2011 princeton-jacob perez 14 in 2011

How tall is prodigy for Mindless Behavior?

prodigy from mindless behavior is 14 and in the 10th grade his real name is Craig Crippen. roc royal is trey young,princton is jacob perez and i forgot ray rays

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Who is the oldest out of Mindless Behavior in 2011?


What grade is ray ray in from mindless behavior the year of 2011?

Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior is in the 10th grade

Where is Mindless Behavior CD?

Mindless Behavior's CD didnt come out should be coming out in spring 2011

When was Mindless Behavior famous?

mindless behavior was famous in 2009 but, made thier album in 2011 september 20.

What are the release dates for So Random - 2011 Mindless Behavior 1-8?

So Random - 2011 Mindless Behavior 1-8 was released on: USA: 7 August 2011

How old is the lead singer on mindless behavior?

The lead singer of Mindless Behavior is Prodigy and he is 14 years old as of 2011.

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