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3 in 2011

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Q: How many songs did Jacob latimore ever made?
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How many songs have been ever made?

About 17 and a half million songs have been made.

Who is Jacob Dietchler from the Olympics?

Jacob Deitchler is an 18 year old that made the 2008 US Olympic team in Greco-Roman wrestling. He is the youngest person to have ever made the team in Greco-Roman wrestling.

How many songs have one direction made ever since they have been together?

They have made 15 songs they wrote 3 themselves: more than this, taken, and stole my heart

Enumerate all the songs of tokio hotel?

Go to '' and you'll find all the songs they have ever made.

Who is alix lapri?

She is a singer currently signed to Crown World Ent. looking to get signed with major labels. you may know her by her hits Ms.Pretty and her remake to Keisha called Forget Keisha. She has made music with Jacob Latimore and is very talented. She's trying to become more famous.

Who made the music on Phineas and Ferb?

Bowling for Soup performs the theme song. Danny Jacob writes the underscore and produces and performs all the songs. The songs are usually written by Dan and Swampy (show creators) and the writers of the show.

Is it legal to put songs made on garage band on YouTube?

If they are your own songs that you have created yourself then it is legal (and YouTube encourage you to do so) to put your work where ever you want.

All lady gags's songs that she has ever made?

Tipe on Google: Wikipedia The FameTipe on Google: Wikipedia The Fame MonsterOn that 2 paiges you will find songs at the bottom of the paige.

How many songs did benny goodman band write?

Benny Goodman made 21 songs no I'm just kidding. Ask yourself did you ever really want this question answered?

Does iTunes have every song ever recorded?

No, iTunes does not have every song ever recorded. Most songs that are recorded never make it past the garages they were recorded in, i.e., many songs are amateur and not professionally made. iTunes cannot possess a song that was not released.

Why do you think cat Stevens sang cats in the cradle?

because its his favourite song ever made in the world except his own songs.

What was the first jazz song ever made?

The first jazz song ever made is greatly disputed. Some of the first recorded songs include "Jelly Roll Blues (1915)," "Chinatown, My Chinatown (1909)," and "The Memphis Blues (1912)," but there were songs that were created earlier. They are different than most jazz songs you hear on the radio today. Jazz originated by African-American enslaved peoples from 1890-1910.