How old is WWE Beth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Elizabeth Carolan née Kocanski (born November 24, 1980) better known by her ring name "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling on the Raw brand, where she is in her second reign as WWE Women's Champion. cited from

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Q: How old is WWE Beth?
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How old is WWE diva Beth pheonix?

She Is 29

How old is Beth phoenix of WWE is she married?


How many men has Beth Phoenix lifted in the WWE?

Beth phoenix has lifted 10 men in the wwe

How old is WWE diva Beth phoenix?

30 in Nov. 2010-2011 and so on. Updated on Wikipedia.

Are WWE divas mickie James and Beth Phoenix sisters?

WWE divas Mickie James and Beth Phoenix are not related.

When will Beth phoenix return to the WWE?

She is already with the WWE. She is the diva's champion

Which WWe Diva is single?

Beth Phoenix

What is the name of girls who is in the WWE?

Beth Phoniex

Who is the best diva in the WWE?

Beth Phoenix.

Did WWE Beth phoenix have intergender matches?


Where does WWE diva Beth phoenix live?

What wwe kelly kelly phone number

Will Beth Phonix return to WWE?

Yes, Beth Phoenix returned at Survivor Series (2010).