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According to what i heard it's Tim or Robert. i think it's tim.

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Marcel Gothow

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he is 20 years old (born:12/12/1989

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Q: How old is Shin from Cinema Bizarre?
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Does Shin From Cinema Bizarre have a girlfriend?

no he is single

Is shin from cinema bizarre a virgin?

some say he lost it when he was 17, before he became a member of cinema bizarre!

Are shin and kiro from Cinema Bizarre going out?

Shin and Kiro are just friends but they have a lot of fun partying together and Kiro jokes about Shin often getting on his nerves, but no one in the band Cinema Bizarre has ever dated eachother.

How tall is Shin from Cinema Bizarre?

i think 5'10 or 5'11. somewhere around there.

Is shin from Cinema Bizarre name taken from the anime Cowboy Bebop?

If you mean where Shin got his name, no, he got it from his favorite drumer Shinya from Dir en Grey.

Does shin from cinema bizarre have tattoos?

He so far has one. One on each arm that spells out together forever in jappanese

Do Cinema Bizarre Have Twitters?

Yes, they do. Their usernames are as follows: Yu - @gogumba Romeo - @Heromancer Kiro - @CarstenSchaefer Shin - @MarcelGothow Strify - @jackestrify

Are the band cinema bizarre bisexual?

Strify is defiantly bisexual as well as Kiro but i really don't know Yu, Shin,luminor or Romeo.

How old is Romeo from cinema bizarre?

Romeo will be 21 on August 4th.

Who is romeo nightingale from Rouge Morgue or Cinema Bizarre?

romeo is from cinema bizarre

Does kiro from Cinema Bizarre have msn?

No he does not but he does have a Facebook. Kiro,Yu, Shin and Strify have facebook's. Kiro,Yu and Strify are the only ones with Twitter accounts.

Who is gay from cinema bizarre?

None of the Cinema Bizarre members and bisexual or anything like that.