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Q: How old is Lenny Magrath in crimes of the heart?
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How old was Lenny from crimes of the heart play?

I believe Lenny was turning 30!

What actors and actresses appeared in Crimes of the Heart - 1986?

The cast of Crimes of the Heart - 1986 includes: Natalie Anderson as Little Babe David Carpenter as Barnette Lloyd Beeson Carroll as Zackery Botrelle Eleanor Eagle as Little Lenny Gregory Eugene Travis as Willie Jay Jessica Ezzell as Little Meg Tess Harper as Chick Boyle Hurd Hatfield as Old Granddaddy Diane Keaton as Lenny Magrath Jessica Lange as Meg Magrath Tom Mason as Uncle Watson Annie McKnight as Annie May Jenkins Sam Shepard as Doc Porter Sissy Spacek as Babe Magrath Jean Willard as Lucille Botrelle

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