How old is Jim Rice?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Jim Rice is 61 years old (birthdate: March 8, 1953).

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Jim White is 53 years old (birthdate: March 10, 1957).

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Pat Rice is 62 years old (birthdate: March 17, 1949).

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Q: How old is Jim Rice?
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What has the author Edward I Rice written?

Edward I. Rice has written: 'Old Jim Case of South Hollow'

When was Jim Rice born?

Jim Rice was born on March 8, 1953.

What is Jim Rice's birthday?

Jim Rice was born on March 8, 1953.

When and where was baseball player Jim Rice born?

Jim Rice was born March 8, 1953, in Anderson, SC, USA.

What number did Jim Rice wear?

Rice wore # 14 his entire career.

What are baseball player Jim Rice's physical stats?

Jim Rice is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He weighs 200 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What year was Jim Rice inducted into the Hall of Fame?


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Why did Jim Rice miss the 1975 World Series?

Wrist injury.

Which Red Sox was MVP of the American League in 1978?

Jim Rice

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Can you get sick eating old brown rice

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