How old is Derek Carr?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Derek Carr is 23 years old.

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Q: How old is Derek Carr?
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When was Derek Carr born?

Derek Carr was born on 1927-09-01.

How tall is Derek Carr?

NFL player Derek Carr is 6'-02''.

What position does Derek Carr play?

Derek Carr plays Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.

What NFL team does Brandon Carr play for?

Brandon Carr plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

How old is Karen Carr?

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How old was Emily carr when she died?

Emily Carr was 73 when she died!

How old is Colette Carr?

Colette Carr is 26 years old. She was born on January 6, 1991.

How old is Austin Carr?

Austin Carr is 63 years old (birthdate: March 10, 1948).

How old is Stephen Carr?

Stephen Carr is 35 years old (birthdate: August 29, 1976).

How old is Matthew Carr?

Matthew Carr is 32 years old (birthdate: December 29, 1978).

How old is Alan Carr?

Alan Carr is 41 years old (birthdate: June 14, 1976).