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69 years

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Q: How old is Brian from Stereo Skyline?
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What is Brian's last name from stereo skyline the band?

The member from stereo skyline is Brian Maddox, you can even check his myspace aswel

Who is Mandy Jiroux?

Brian Maddox from Stereo Skyline.

How tall is brian maddox from stereo skyline?


Who is Austin Courtney?

Austin Courtney is Brian Maddox. Member of Stereo Skyline. Austin Brian Courtney is his real ID, but he keeps it secrect from his fans and Stereo Skyline fans :)

Who is Mandy jirouxs boyfriend?

Brian Maddox from Stereo Skyline.

When is Brian's Maddox from stereo skyline birthday?

April 9th

Who is Brian from stereo skyline dating?

He is dating a girl named Sarah

When is Brian Maddox from Stereo Skyline's birthday?

he's now 19.

Does Brian Maddox from Stereo Skyline have a girlfriend?

He is now dating a girl named Sarah

Where was Brian Maddox from Stereo Skyline born at?

Brian Maddox was raised in Dallas, Texas. Which most likely means he was born there.

Who are the members of stereo skyline?

Kevin bard, clayton Johnson, brian maddox, rob michaelsen

When was Stereo Skyline created?

Stereo Skyline was created in 2006.