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He turned 20 on April 29th

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Q: How old is rob michelsen from stereo skyline?
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Who is the drummer of stereo skyline?

Rob Michelsen.

Who are the members of stereo skyline?

Kevin bard, clayton Johnson, brian maddox, rob michaelsen

How old is Rob from stereo skyline?

he is 21. He was born April 29th 1988 umm if he's born in 1988 then he's 22 if he's born in 1989 he's 21

What is the name of the guys in stereo skyline?

Brian Maddox plays bass , Kevin Bard is the lead singer , and Rob Michelson plays drums in the band stereo skyline ! And if you lovee the band stereos the lead singer is Pat Kordyback , Miles Holmwood plays guitar , Aaron Verdonk plays drums , Robb Chalifoux plays guitar , and Daniel Johnson plays bass ! they are my fave bands ! lovee them tooo !

Band members names of Stereo Skyline?

1961 R&B vocal group from Steubenville, Ohio. Only chart hit was "I really love you" which went to number 29. Bruce Robinson Nathaniel Hicks Sam Profit George Otis Ronnie Collins

What is the name of stereo mcs tune with my name is rob in the lyrics?

this is the song Lost in music

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ROB - 33 BLACK - 34

How old is rob dyerdek?

Rob Dydrek is 36yrs old. he was/is this old in 2011.

How old is Rob Mariano?

Rob Mariano, aka Boston Rob, is 42 years old (birthdate: December 25, 1975).

How old is rob from Linkin Park?

As of 2011, Rob Gregory Bourdon is 31 years old.

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