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Q: How old for Hannah Montana concerts?
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Why cant you see Hannah Montana?

You can see Hannah Montana in her show called Hannah Montana and at concerts

What does Hannah Montana do as a popstar?

She has her own show called Hannah Montana and sings and has concerts!

When does Hannah Montana have a concert in Philadelphia?

Sorry no more Hannah Montana Concerts :'( im sad about that too! :'(

Does Miley Cyrus miss being Hannah Montana?

no she is still Hannah Montana she still haves concerts.

How many concerts has Hannah Montana been to?


Will Miley Cyrus do anymore concerts as Hannah Montana?


How do I meet Hannah Montana?

get a backstage pass 2 one of her concerts...go to an upcoming Hannah Montana event

Does Hannah Montana love me?

Hannah Montana loves everyone...don't you hear her say that at the end of all the concerts?

Is Hannah Montana concerts coming up in London?

In your dreams

Where will Hannah Montana concerts be in 2009?

december 2nd 2009 =)

Does Hannah Montana have audience?

No not when they film the show only in the concerts

Does Hannah Montana do concerts in Australia?

she has not yet but she will very soon!!