How old are the Storm Hawks?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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- Main characters (the Storm Hawks group):

Aerrow, Piper, Finn and Junko are 14.

Just explaining some points: Junko can't be 16 and Finn would NEVER be 15, (or would you [I'm only talking about people that are changing this answer, of course] be able to explain how could they allow a 14-years-old like Aerrow [who is actually much more mature than those two] leads the team if they were older than him?! ¬¬).

Stork may is 17 (seriously, he doesn't look a thing like a 20-years-old guy... -_-).

(I know you will say about what I said before: "but Stork is older and allowed Aerrow to lead!". Face it: Stork the ONLY older guy. Things would be different if Aerrow was the youngest guy of the team, now did you get it?)

Radarr... well, no one knows about his age, but he is probably nearly 14, because he and Aerrow met when Aerrow was a little kid.

- Main bad guys:

Cyclonis is 14.

Dark Ace must be at least 27, as you can see in episode 46 "Origins", in the war 10 years before Aerrow and his friends become the Storm Hawks, Ace (co-pilot of Lightning Strike) must be nearly 17, or do you think they would let a 10-years-old kid being part of the team? (this would happen if Dark Ace was in his 20's, so if you're planning to change this answer, think about it before trying to post wrong information >=/).

The others nobody knows for sure, but some say Ravess is in her 20's.

And no, Snipe is NOT in his 20's, his age must be between Stork's and Ravess'.

Repton must be older, and even older than the Dark Ace himself, you can also see this in episode 46.

- Other good guys:

Starling is in her 20's.

Dove and Princess Peregrine (Perry) are 14.

- The rest we can't tell for sure.


(And hope nobody changes this answer for worse again. D=<

I'll keep an eye on you... ò.Ó)

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Q: How old are the Storm Hawks?
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