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Phil is 41.

Claire is 42.

Haley is 19.

Alex is 14.

Luke is 11.

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Q: How old are Claire Phil Haley Alex and Luke supposed to be on Modern Family?
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Who is in Modern Family?

Phil is the father of luke, Haley and Alex and the husband of Claire

How old is Phil in modern family?

Phil is the father of luke, Haley and Alex and the husband of Claire

How old is Haley duphy on modern family?

She is about 17.

What are the names of the three children in modern family?

Actually there are 5 children: Lily is Cameron and Mitchell's daughter Haley, Alex and Luke are Claire and Phil's Children Manny is Gloria's son and Jays stepson

What type of phone does Haley have on modern family?

I think its a Sidekick 4G

Who plays Haley in modern family?

Sarah Hyland

Are Claire and Haley mermaids?

no but h20 is

What are the names of the characters on Modern Family?

Phil Dunphy Claire Dunphy Haley Dunphy Alex Dunphy Luke Dunphy Mitchell Pritchett Cameron Tucker Lily Tucker-Pritchett Jay Pritchett Gloria Pritchett Manny Delgado

Are Claire and Haley mermaids in Aquamarine?

no they are not mermaids

In Aquamarine why do Haley and Claire help Aquamarine?

To Get A Wish

In Aquamarine which two characters find Aquamarine in the pool?

Haley and Claire

Who is the cast of ABC's Modern Family?

Phil- Ty Burrell Claire- Julie Bowen Haley- Sarah Hyland Alex- Ariel Winter Luke- Nolan Gould Mitchell- Jesse Tyler Furguson Cameron- Eric Stonestreet Jay- Ed O'Neill Gloria- Sofia Vergara Manny- Rico Rodriguez